Hey, ready for some awesome news? Well, the Writer’s Digest has featured us in their best websites of 2020 list! There, I said it, I could barely contain my excitement! And we’re so happy, we want to share the news with you! As you may know, the Writer’s Digest is a very popular resource in the writing community —being featured there is very important to us. So let’s unpack that!

What’s Writer’s Digest?

In case you hadn’t heard about that before, Writer’s Digest is an annual list of the best online resources for writers. Basically, every year they feature various sites, from blogs to online tools —and this year we’re in there for the first time! Not only that, but the list is organized in genres, such as Young Adult, and Science Fiction and Fantasy. And guess what? World Anvil is the only tool (out of three recommendations) in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section! Of course, you can use World Anvil for other genres, but it’s an honor for us that they consider us to be so relevant!

Should I use World Anvil as a writer?

We think you absolutely should! And if the Writer’s Digest is not a strong enough reason for you, take a look at some of the authors who use our tool. Do you know Brian McClellan, the epic fantasy author who wrote The Powder Mage? Or maybe you’ve heard of Chris Fox, the amazing writer behind The Magitech Chronicles. Guess what they have in common? Well, they both use World Anvil! And we’ve even seen Brandon Sanderson in our Discord community… just saying!

But anyway, we are thrilled with this news, and we’ll be even more thrilled to welcome you to our community! Be sure to check out World Anvil and explore all of the features we’ve got for you!