Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I have written one of those but I thought that this week’s updates were important enough to sit my ass down and write a blog post about them.
Just as a friendly reminder ALL updates are posted on the #dev-changelog channel on our Discord but since I am putting up 2 updates a day, I don’t want to flood you here.

Default Permissions

One of the biggest issues Gamemasters that set their world to private have, is that they have to go through all their articles and share them with their party.
The brand new “Default” setting for subscriber groups will allow you to automatically set one or more subscriber groups to automatically be added to your article when this article is private.

In a world that is private, all articles begin their life as private which means that they will all get that group or groups. In a public world, if you are using the QUICK create and you set the article to private it will also do the same.

TIP: If you set your world to “public” you can still have all. your articles being private the only thing someone visiting your world will see if they don’t have permissions will be the world’s homepage and even that – will be quite empty. Worlds set to “public” are more flexible on that respect.

Statblocks Management

For a long time creating statblocks meant having a massive list of characters, items, monsters all together… Well, that time is over.

The new Statblocks system will allow you to create folders and get your blocks in them to manage them easier and faster.

In addition to that, the new statblocks system will also allow you to search through your work but also through all the work that has been done by the whole community. That means thousands upon thousands of ready-made spells, monsters, classes, items etc for systems like Dungeons & Dragons 5e or Pathfinder RPG.

What other features can I build to make your life easier when it comes to running your campaigns?