Creating a community around your world might be the second most important thing you’ll ever get to do. If you are planning to publish or even play around the table with your friends, getting them to engage with your content will be key!

The new [discord:YOUR SERVER ID] tag allows you to create a fancy embed link that draws attention to your server.

How to do it?

The first thing you will need is to grab your Discord server’s ID you can do this very easily by going to your server’s settings and then to the Widget tab

Head to any of your articles, categories or anywhere else WA Tags can be inputted and type [discord:123] (123 being your discord ID.

Your server ID is just there at the bottom left.

And that’s pretty much it! You are done 🙂

Are there any other embeds that you’d like to see on World Anvil? Let me know in the comments below!