It’s 10 am the next morning and I am sitting here trying to write this post and I still cannot believe my eyes.

We have won an ENnie award, quite possibly the most prestigious award World Anvil could ever wish to attain. I am without words, and I know that my beloved, is sitting two and a half thousand miles away from me in Indianapolis feeling exactly the same way.

Tears of joy on stage as Janet receives the award

We worked hard for it, I need to remind myself often how we jumped in eyes closed almost 2 years ago never looking back. Since then we haven’t stopped clocking in 12 – 16 hour days both of us. Day in and day out, listening to our community and trying to make the best we could to give to you a tool that you will be happy and excited to use. A toolset that will allow you to bring your imaginary and spectacular worlds and works of fiction into life.

We were not alone

My thanks goes to TJ, Brandon (Ademal), Isaac (Xanthuss), Andy (Secondhand Samurai), Kris (Gorgy), Ian (MrReasonable) and all our community leaders Barron, Basic Dragon, Blue, Hummingbird, Sai, Ondo, Arty, CTK, Dream, Hanhula, Happy, Heffe, Theiket and so many unsung heroes like Christopher our Titan, All our Deities and Legends and Inner Sanctum which most of them are here with us from the first days, and our beloved Sparks our beacons of hope and community hype!

And of course the whole of the Guild. Without you World Anvil wouldn’t be here. You make this project possible and you push us every day to work harder. I am truly humbled, and tearing up as I write this post once again. Thank you, thank you so very much for your love and support. Thank you for your creativity and for honouring us beyond our wildest dreams.

Finally, the people who were there for us and supported us since the beginning. Guy the Great GM, DungeonFog, Deven Rue, Caeora, and Tabletop Loot you are people that we aspire to and that taught us with your excellency so many things.

Janet’s derp face somewhere between excitement and total blue-screen of death.

It goes without saying that this is just one more milestone. We both have a thousand ideas that we want to make reality and your support will make them come true. I wish I had another set of hands and an extra brain to bring the post-it notes on my project roadmap to you in double time! The new Image Gallery, The Scribes update for our writers, the new Timelines system and the super secret project I am about to release come to mind!

Lastly, I would like to say how SO VERY happy and excited we are that our friends and allies, DungeonFOG got there with us, winning the Silver Ennie on the same category! Till, this is a promise from me to you, We will do our best so in two years from now, Project Deios will be a tool people will be excited to vote for in the 21st ENnies! <3 – Love you bud.

Humbled and with love,