Embers are flying everywhere!

We deployed various enhancements and content to tickle your fancy!

New Article Sections for Various Templates

  • The Religion section is now available under the Geopolitical tab within the Organization template.
  • Related Locations is now available for the Ranks Template. 

Related Locations

  • Assign an owner within the Vehicle template under the Identity tab, such as a character or organization.

Vehicle Owner Fields

Location Types Content

  • Added 200 new rooms to the location types section within the Building Template. Create buildings and add rooms as sub-landmarks to them. Sounds like a good excuse for some dungeon building!

New Location Types

Character Relations Ordering and Visibility

  • Order your character relations using theWeight/Positionvalue, with higher values appearing first.
  • Set a relationship as hidden, making it visible only to the author of the article and the owner of the world.

Character Ordering and Visibility

BBCode [Img]

  • Specify the width of your images within the BBCode [img] tag! The pattern is ID | ALIGNMENT | WIDTH | LINKING
    • Examples:
      • [img:60449]
      • [img:60449|right]
      • [img:60449|nolink]
      • [img:60449|right|nolink]
      • [img:60449|right|200]
      • [img:60449|right|200|nolink]


Guild Member Only Enhancements


Article Header Option

  • Display the header of an article in presentation mode or not in case you want to replace it with an image. Here is an example of how an image would be applied instead of text for an article’s header. Let’s get fancy!

Display Title

File Size and Storage Capacity for Co-Authors

  • Images uploaded by your co-authors now count against your FILE SIZE limit and your total file storage capacity. This allows non-guild members who are co-authors to upload much bigger files to your worlds if need be. 

Take advantage of these enhancements now for your world building enjoyment!