Organize and monetize your work with World Anvil!

You’re here because you have a Living World or a West Marches Campaign! Don’t know what World Anvil is? In a sentence, we’re an online tool for creating your homebrew world and managing your campaigns. You can even monetise your work, if you want to! Check out this post here for a deeper explanation of World Anvil. You can find explanations of how to use Sage for every other kind of creator there, too!

Why should you care about Sage?

If you run a living world or a West Marches campaign, you’ll know the pain of organising your worldbuilding, and presenting the right information to the right people. Not to mention making sure that your DMs or co-authors can help you write your world to keep it alive and growing! And if you have a Patreon or paying players in your world, you know how important it is to reward them! This is where Sage tier on World Anvil comes in…

How can you use Sage to monetize?

Keep it organized

World Anvil is the place to keep everything together and connected – from maps, articles and timelines, to character sheets and campaign plans. It’s a worldbuilder and campaign manager, meaning everything’s in one place! Sage allows you to have bigger worlds, with more images, maps and content… and search through everything easily!

Sage monetization interactive map
Fully engage your fans by letting them explore your worlds and art interactively

Genre and system agnostic

World Anvil is also genre and system agnostic – although we also have the SRD of major systems including DnD5e – so it’s perfect for any kind of game! If you’re creating your own system, you can do that in World Anvil too, making your own rollable stat-blocks for your custom rules!

sage monetization rollable stat blocks
Create your own rollable stat-blocks and build your own character sheets!

Keep track of your campaigns

World Anvil allows you to keep track of all the elements of your campaign – geography, history, lore, items, magic… and those darn PCs too! You can save time prepping your campaigns on World Anvil, using the SRD to build your encounters, or even building your own blocks for your homebrew creatures, spells or NPCs (they even roll for you)!

Complete control over how your world looks

Sage gives you complete control over how your world looks, to immerse your readers even further. Choose a visual CSS theme which suits your world, or make your own! White labelling features remove the World Anvil branding, and you can customise the URL too.

sage monetization CSS themes white labelling
Tailor the display of World Anvil’s pages with CSS themes, customization and white labelling.

Attract new players and fans

With an interactive, public portfolio of your world, you can gain new players and fans for your work. You can embed videos of previous games and show off journals by previous PCs, testimonials and more! Allow your audience to explore your worlds with interactive maps, timelines, fully connected articles and interactive images.

Sage monetization portfolio art image
Show off all your worlds, genres, settings and ideas from one location… and get your fans engaged!

Choose exactly who sees which content

World Anvil allows you to control exactly who sees which content. This means that your players can have exclusive access to certain articles, timelines and even map layers to prep for the game. The interactive maps features are perfect to help them explore your new world, and get hyped for the session!

Interactive maps and images can have secret layers visible only to certain people… or to no one but yourself!

Permissions come in many forms – you can release password protected articles (change up the password whenever you like), add subscribers with their email address, or by giving them a custom URL they can click. Subscribers can have different tiers with access to different content. This can also be used for player and DM permissions, to make sure your players don’t see any spoilers by accident!

Use CSV Imports for mailing lists, Patreon lists, Twitch Subscribers, Kickstarter Backer lists, and MORE!

Gamify your Access Permissions!

Want to take information accessibility to the next level? You can gamify password acquisition, allowing your players quick access in-game to new information. For example, a successful history or religion roll, solving a puzzle or riddle, or picking up the right book, might open access to new articles on World Anvil!

monetization sage password protection
Use password protected articles to give VIP or customer access, and change them whenever you need to!

Streamline your Games

During your games, you can have all your information at your fingertips, freeing you up to focus on the story. You can even have the PCs’ character sheets in front of you! The Campaign Manager has a Digital Storyteller’s Screen with Player handouts, embedded sound, quick access to your worldbuilding and GM notes, and dice rolling. We’re also working on (as of March 2019) a major overhaul to make it even better!

Plan quicker for the next session

After the game, World Anvil helps you write up the session and plan for the next one, keeping track of the changes in your world as they occur in-game. Your players can submit character journals and update their character sheets.

Characters have pages, sheets and players can write their own journals too!

Get your GMs, players and friends to help you build!

You don’t need to build it all alone! Players can help you build up your world, your GMs and your friends can all help you worldbuild to keep your project alive and growing! This makes it ideal for living worlds.

The ‘Writer’ permission allows players (or anyone you give it to) to submit draft articles without letting them accidentally see any secret content or spoilers. For example, they can help by writing up new NPCs, locations or buildings you created on the fly during the last session! You can edit these and then publish them publicly or privately as you like.

The Editor and Co-Owner permissions allow co-DMs or helpers to see your private articles, help you build up your campaigns, organise subscriber groups and generally get things done!

Release Adventure Modules or Campaign settings

World Anvil is also a totally new way to release Adventure Modules or Campaign settings for your supporters either instead of, or in addition to, PDF release. World Anvil doesn’t claim any fees or rights to your content – you own your own IP (this is super important to us). You can release special map layers to give extra information about the Adventure. Use groups of pins to show important locations in the Adventure. You can also link battle maps onto the region or city map for clarity!

A sample of a rollable table, perfect for an Adventure module! Character sheets and stat blocks are also roll-able with a click!

Everything is connected

All your content will be integrated and connected together using the mentions system, so you never have to explain anything twice! Less work for you, and a more interactive and intuitive experience for your readers.

What should I do next?

If you’re interested in purchasing a sage membership and starting your monetization journey, go here

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about how to use World Anvil, check out:

If you have a questions or issues regarding subscriptions, you can contact the World Anvil Founders, Dimitris and Janet, at