Enjoy a More Streamlined Workflow for your Maps!

View Your Articles From A Single Page

Tedious having many tabs open while working on your maps? The newest maps update has the most advanced goodies to help you streamline your map and related article workflow! You can navigate to your article and the articles linked to them without ever leaving the map! When you create a new article from Simple Mode, a TODO item will also be automatically created!

Create Pins on the Fly!

You can also create simple pins without having to change a single page! When creating a pin, you can create and link new articles within the same menu if you wish to do so!

Organize And Hide Your Secrets

In addition, you can now assign Marker Groups to your created Markers from the Simple Mode. Marker groups are useful when you want to organize your pins by type, such as settlements, dungeons, etc. They can also be grouped to be secret information a GM may want to hide from their players! 




Would you like to see a bit more?

Watch this video below to learn more and get a comprehensive look about this amazing maps update!