‘Tis the season of giving and with that in mind, we have an update for you about the World Anvil Character Manager, Heroes!


Yup, that’s right! You’ll be able to create AS MANY CHARACTERS AS YOU LIKE for free in our Character Manager! Previously, Freeman accounts (that is, people who use World Anvil exclusively for free) were only allowed a maximum of two characters in the Character Manager.

World Anvil Character Manager

The World Anvil Character Manager – showcasing a L’huuna from the Ghosts of Saltmarsh game run by Guy Sclanders

WAIT?! What’s the World Anvil Character Manager?!

For those of you who missed it, “Heroes” – the World Anvil Character Manager – is an amazing place to track your characters.

It’s a genre-agnostic Character Manager, so it works for Scifi, fantasy, steampunk… and any other settings you might need! We currently have Starfinder, Pathfinder, Vampire the Masquerade and of course, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition character sheets available. And we have more coming out all the time! You can manage your equipment, and how much it weighs! You can even track spell slots and HP, party quests and party look, make notes. Basically, it does everything a tabletop RPG player needs from a Character Manager to play their game! Without a doubt, my favourite thing about it is the spellbook, though. It helps reduce the ADMIN feel of D&D spells – makes it so quick and easy to play a spell caster!

But it’s not just for tracking the Grit of your character – your stats, expendable slots, etc for your tabletop game. The World Anvil Character Manager has another amazing component that no other character manager does… the Character RolePlay side!

The World Anvil Character Manager lets you post in and out of character, and interact with your party. You can post jokes, memes and updates. You can use it for tracking your monumental achievements – not just level ups but finishing quests, making new friends, or achieving life goals. Imagine it like a social media platform on steroids, designed especially for fictional characters. It’s excellent for getting a deep roleplay dive into your PC, or your party dynamic. You can even write journals in character, and there’s a special place to put secret info that only you and the GM can see. Cunning, huh? 🙂

What? It’s also a Character Tracker for Authors?

Although it was initially designed for RPG players, we’ve had a lot of writers seizing the opportunity to expand their characters using the World Anvil Character Manager. We’ve even had PROFESSIONAL AUTHORS using it, which just gives me freaking joy! In fact, the ever-amazing BK Bass wrote an article about how he used it to develop the character behind a recent series. Cool, huh?

And now it’s all free! Yay! If you’re interested in trying it out, go to World Anvil to create your Free account right now!

So why have we made these changes?

  • We want to open up more abilities to the Freemen!
    You guys are important to us, too! Whilst we HAVE to keep some features Guild Restricted because of the load they cause to the system, this was something that we could make available for everyone and so we wanted to jump on it!
  • We want to help Game Masters run their campaigns better!
    Some game masters came to us and said that, whilst their players love World Anvil, they were running out of space for all their characters! We want to support Game Masters and encourage new ones into the field, so it seemed like a smart choice to make!
  • We LOVE Worldbuilding, writing and Tabletop Gaming!
    We want worldbuilding, writing and tabletop gaming to be as accessible as possible. Although we can’t offer everything for free, we try to do as much as we can to support the community!


What are you hoping to see next for our Character Manager? Share your feedback in the comments!