Writers are some of the hardest people to buy gifts for. At least in my opinion, as a writer myself. I know I definitely make it hard for my dear mum every Christmas. “What do you want for Christmas?” “Ummmmmm.” That about sums up that conversation. So, I finally went searching for some ideas for her (and you!) I present my top 10 Christmas Gifts for Writers!

Chris Fox’s incredible guides for writers

Chris Fox has so much advice for new writers. Whether you need to improve your craft or learn how to self-publish. 

He has a book for that, and more. I’ve been loving his guide to writing 5,000 words a day! Chris teaches how to build healthy writing habits, get better at writing fast, and create great content.

Save the Cat Writes A Novel

If you hear that title without context, you’re probably quite confused. But for those in the know, Save the Cat is one of the most popular resources on writing screenplays. Jessica Brody has adapted these tools to work for novels. The result is what I’d consider an essential resource for writers. Packed with step by step guides on how to plot novels for all genres.

Crystal Heart

Okay, this one is a little out of the box! But I’ve been binging the Crystal Heart comics lately. They’re a fun exploration of RPG games, explaining mechanics while also telling a great story. I am a huge proponent of checking out other mediums for inspiration. And you can grab the Crystal Heart setting book to read. Its packed full of interesting information. Reading outside my normal comfort zone really helps me break a writing block

Kyanite Press’s Collector Pass

I am an insatiable reader. So when I see an opportunity like Kyanite Press’s Collectors Pass, I jump at it. The Collector’s Pass gives you access to all of their eBooks, past and future, for the whole year! Its only $49.99 and makes an awesome gift. Plus it comes bundled with a 25% discount off print copies!

Collaborative Worldbuilding by Trent Hergenrader

Professor Trent Hergenrader has created many amazing resources for worldbuilders. Including some free worksheets. But my absolute favourite is his worldbuilding card deck! With the deck you can randomize an entire world. Working to create something but cohesive, but fun! Its the perfect way to start a new writing project. Then write down your results in World Anvil.

Ironrise the Steampunk Board Game

The team at Ironrise Games have created an awesome board game, also named Ironrise! Its an exciting steampunk adventure game. I’ve been exploring their world of Spirel, where the game is set. The worldbuilding has provided tons of inspiration. But actually playing the game is even better. Its beautiful, engaging, and will create new stories everytime. I find theres nothing better than breaking a writing block through collaborative storytelling with friends.

Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage Books

Starting with Promise of Blood, the Powder Mage series is pretty renownded by now. It’s an action filled, exciting read. But I most of all love Brian’s writing for the world. He was a student of Brandon Sanderson, and it shows in his magic systems, politics and writing. The quality is high, and it provides so much inspiration for me to read!

Audible Subscription

This is one of those times you get to hear an Audible recommendation that isn’t sponsored! If you aren’t a big reader, but you can listen to books for hours then Audible is amazing. You can grab a lot of the books mentioned here on Audible. Powder Mage is narrated by Christian Rodska, and you can also grab Save the Cat Writes a Novel, narrated by the author herself. Its a perfect gift for any writer who has a busy life.

World Anvil Guild Membership!

World Anvil is a great tool for writers. The features allow writers to organise their world, plot novels, create and annotate maps, and record timelines for both historic events and characters’ lives. It comes with an awesome community too! Give the gift of organization and creativity to your favourite writer!


Hello Future Me’s Worldbuilding guide

We got our hands on this book earlier in the year. I love it. From cover to content, its a book that really wows you. If you haven’t heard about Hello Future Me yet, it is a great Youtube channel created by Tim Hickson. He teaches how to worldbuild, through the lense of popular media. This book contains many of his lessons in written form, plus tons of additional content.

Christmas Gifts for Writers : Solved!

Hopefully you have some new inspiration for the writer in your life (even if that is you! Spoil yourself, your worth it!). I’d love to hear your favourite recommendations for gifts! Let me know in the comments.