Personally, I always want more dice. I love using the World Anvil dice rollers and they’re so convenient when I’m playing online. But for an in person game, I know, somewhere out there is my perfect d20. The one made just for me! And I must buy every set just in case it is The One. The quest is on to find it – and if you’re joining me, I have some suggestions to make for the best dice companies to give a gander.

There are some incredible treasure hoards full of dice you should definitely be checking out.

I love Tabletop Loot for plenty of reasons. And their dice are worth dying for, yet affordable.

Tabletop Loot were one of our choices in our top ten gifts for DMs last year, and our opinion hasn’t changed. They’re definitely a standout among dice companies.

They also provide community clubs and schools with dice to help kids learn tabletop roleplaying through their Gift of Knowledge dice drive; if you’re buying, you can choose to donate an extra set!

World Anvil Guild Members also get a coupon code at Tabletop Loot, so jump in our Discord and sync your guild roles to get the code.

Now, you’ve just got to decide which colour you want. I know I’m buying myself a glow in the dark set when I finish writing this post.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have a sweet tooth – and Ice Cream Dice satisfies it with so many less calories!

Icecream Dice are new to World Anvil this year, and sponsored our awesome Summer Camp challenge.

Since their kickstarter a few months back, they’ve not stopped coming up with new ideas. And their new Soda Shoppe dice (you can check out thier “Grape” ones in the blog banner above) look good enough to eat!

Sadly, their dice aren’t really edible. But on the plus side, I can roll them again and again… And they’re Canadian, so you know they have great customer service.

If you’re a bit of a mythology nerd like me, dice companies like Lindorm Dice have you covered.

Their kickstarter launched a few days ago with some beautiful sets like the green and gold Loki dice stretch goal- which is already unlocked!

They’ve drawn inspiration from the mythology of their homeland, and I’m super excited to see what they do. The colours are ethereal.

I’m also super happy to see them using samples instead of renders! It gives an assurance of colour and quality to anyone who wants to pledge.

True luxury is having a set of dual anodized aluminium Siith dice. They’re going to make your next sci-fi romp even more fun.

Level Up Dice has other options too; obsidian, malachite, and sandstone dice are all available- and it doesn’t stop there.

If you really want to show your Game Master how much you care, definitely check these out.

I’m green with envy (just like that malachite set, which is proof that I need it).
I was put onto Die Hard Dice by our friends at Nerdsmith. They’ve been working with these guys for a while and don’t have anything but the best to say about them.

They’re one of the rare dice companies that specialise in metal dice, with a really beautiful range of options.

They even have a Forge range of dice, so I know which set to get Dimitris for his birthday (sssh don’t tell him)!

Bonus: Their metal dice come with blunted corners, so they won’t scratch your table. And they have enough weight to make your important rolls feel even more momentous.

Harps Corp– A bonus entry for any dice lover

If you’re like me, the only table in the house was inherited from your grandparents… In which case you wouldn’t want to make grandpa roll over in his grave by scratching anything.

Maybe you need a dice tray, then- which is where Harps Corp comes in.

Harps Corp makes beautiful dice towers and dice carry boxes – plus the all important rolling trays.

They’re real wood, too, and come in a range of finishes; I’ll stand by the opinion that real wood can never be beaten. It has such a beautiful feel and smell.

Their trays also have felt or leather lined bases so your dice won’t scratch anything ever again… Unless you throw them at your Game Master.

Leave us a comment to tell us what favourite dice are and where you got them! Mine is my glittery purple Deven Rue set from Tabletop Loot. They always roll high! I know I can’t wait a second longer to go order some new dice, though, so I’m going to go do that now!

Grab your own set from one of the links above- or, if you’re too impatient, you can start rolling right now with the World Anvil digital dice roller.

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