So, ready to get to know the RPG community a bit more? We’ve compiled a list of five Black TTRPG Influencers for you. They’re very different in what they do, from creating extra content for your games to playing in actual-play streams. But they all have something in common: they’re awesome people! So, let’s get right into it!

B. Dave Walters, and inspiring vampire

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If you’re familiar with Geek and Sundry’s L.A. By Night show, you’ll know him as the man playing Victor Temple. But he’s much more than that! He has a full writing course on his Patreon, as well as a myriad of other content related to RPGs! You’ll be especially interested in him if you like Vampire: The Masquerade.

Outside the RPG world, he’s also an inspiring content creator. He recently ran a Kickstarter campaign for Electropunk: Children of the Future, his upcoming visual novel —saying that it looks amazing would be an understatement! And not only that! He also produces videos and articles about motivation and inspiration. Really, what else can you ask for in a single person?

Omega Jones, the Critical Bard

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Looking for some interesting round-tables discussing representation in the TTRPG world? Omega Jones’s got you covered! He’s the mastermind behind the #BlackAF Roundtable, where he and six other Black creators talked about their experiences. A must-watch!

He also has a YouTube channel with some song covers. He’s great at singing if you didn’t get that from his name! And in his Twitch channel, he very recently started a new series called In Unison.

Honey And Dice… yum!

honey and dice, the sweetest black ttrpg influencer!

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Honey is one of the sweetest people on the internet, and not only because of her name! She’s the host of a new podcast, Tea with Honey, where she chats with inspirational members of the RPG community. Until now, her guests have been Shareef Jackson, Rubiee (from Dryad Tea), and Marc (from Ice Cream Dice). She also took part in the Critical Bard’s #BlackAF Roundtable… it’s all coming together!

And, of course, she’s also an experienced role-player. Take a look at this Call of Cthulhu campaign, featuring her as the Keeper! She’s also the DM in an all-bard campaign; what a hilarious mess that must be! Make sure to follow her on Twitter for updates!

Aabria Iyengar, the woman of many games

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Aabria is a great player, a great GM, and even a greater person!

Let me introduce you to the amazing Aabria! She’s a writer, a streamer, and the CMO of Dice Envy. Wanna see her in an actual-play stream? Well, you have three to choose from! She’s a member of HyperRPG, Saving Throw, and Happy Jacks RPG. And if you prefer podcasts over streams she’s also in the cast of Twelve-Sided Stories!

If this wasn’t about games, I would say that’s too much —but we can’t ever have too much of RPGs, am I right? So go check her out on her shows, you’ll fall in love with her characters! And make sure to follow her on Twitter too!

Gabriel Hicks, extra content for your games!

Gabriel Hicks, another black TTRPG influencer

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And last, but certainly not least in this compilation of Black TTRPG influencers, Gabriel Hicks! Gabe is the founder of the Mythic Grove, and he regularly releases small supplements for DnD and Pathfinder! Many of them are available to Patreon only, but go check it out because there are some free ones too! If instead, you’re looking for a different game system, S0urce C0de might interest you, especially if you like science-fantasy!

While not exactly a TTRPG, he’s also working on Hidden Treasures, a goblin dating simulator. Yes, you read that right! In his own words, it’s a “goblin dating simulator & TTRPG inspired visual novel”. Now that is a hilarious and original game!

And that’s the end of the post, which is by no means complete! There’s a huge community of Black TTRPG Influencers out there, and I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of them —tell me your favorite ones in the comments! And while we’re at it, check out our post about 5 Black Female writers too!