Having at least a one-shot in your DM’s arsenal is a must! Not only is it a great way to introduce new players to the game, but it’s also a great resource to have for a last-minute game! And that’s where Quest-O-Nomicon, by XP to Level 3, comes in. It’s a book full of one-shot DnD adventures for you to try out!

What’s the Quest-O-Nomicon?

The Quest-O-Nomicon is a collection of DnD adventures by XP to Level 3 designed for levels 1 to 3. It’s currently live on Kickstarter, and let me tell you, it’s looking amazing! The book has 10 stories and 30 adventures using different genres. There’s a wild west heist, a high fantasy dragon-slaying adventure, a sea quest to look for treasure, and more! Something I often have trouble with as a DM is designing 1st level encounters that are challenging and fun without being deadly (the party is so squishy!). Well, I was very happy to see that Quest-O-Nomicon also includes creature statblocks designed specifically for a low-level party.

And of course, it also includes a full GM toolkit, which is always an amazing thing to see in any DnD product! There’s a custom GM screen, an initiative tracker, miniatures for the villains, wanted posters, dice sets, magnetic handouts, and much more. The book is also filled with GMing tips, which will be useful to any GM, but incredibly so if you’re new to this role!

Samples of the Quest-o-nomicon book

What’s special about these DnD adventures?

Now, these are not your run-of-the-mill DnD adventures! To start with, the book is organized into five different themes, each with two adventures. This makes it super-easy to find your perfect adventure for whatever genre you choose. And while all adventures start at 1st level, they can be extended to 2nd or 3rd! This means that when your players ask for more after your amazing first session, you can just nod, smile, and keep playing! But the versatility doesn’t end here. Each adventure has two villains to choose from! This lets you re-run all adventures without feeling like you’re playing the same thing over and over again!

The animated skeleton Ser Nomicus from Quest-O-Nomicon

Here’s Ser Nomicus, ready to crack open the Quest-O-Nomicon!

The Kickstarter was funded in just 15 minutes, and there’s a bunch of stretch goals to be unlocked! So, if you want to get your hands on new DnD content, go support it now!