What’s shiny, small, and useful for bribing your friends? Dice are, of course! Everybody knows that when adventurers go looting, they are just looking for dice, right? Forget gold pieces, forget magic items and weapons —well, Tabletop Loot is what you’re looking for! Dustin and Krista, the humans behind tabletop loot, are also LOVELY humans, as well as having excellent taste in shiny math rocks. Keep reading to know more about them!

Dice are the ultimate tabletop loot!

Tabletop Loot dice

You sure these Conversation Heart dice are not candy?

I do not know a tabletop roleplayer who doesn’t love dice. And did I mention how good their dice look? Colorful, sparkly, and a bit yummy too! Come one, don’t tell me they don’t look tempting to you… They have a myriad of dice designs: translucent, opaque, multicolor, layered, glittering, and some of them even glow in the dark! And with their Tabletop Loot Box Subscription, you can get several dice sets at home every month! How cool is that? Very cool, I can tell you that!

And on top of their already huge range of dice, they sell other products too! Dice towers, trays, and bags, inspiration tokens, and even mugs and shirts with beautiful art! They have some hilarious ones!

Gift of Knowledge

Tabletop Loot isn’t just another dice retailer. As I mentioned, they’re also amazing people! Since they opened their doors, they’ve been donating dice to schools so that they can also take part in this amazing hobby! This is what they call Gift of Knowledge, and in fact, it’s also one of their products —purchasing it will secure two more dice sets for school classes and clubs! And they run charity drives and support others in the community all the time. That’s the definition of being amazing and wholesome!

Want to get some Tabletop Loot dice?

Then do it! Check out their web site, and remember that dice are (generally) not edible. You can also take part in the Worldbuilding Summer Camp! There are so many prizes to be won, and Tabletop Loot is providing a big chunk of them as gift cards of up to $100!