Want to get behind-the-scenes peeks before everyone else? And have the first say in how the features of World Anvil look and function?! Then JOIN THE ALCHEMISTS’ COUNCIL!

If you’ve been part of the Community for a while, you’ll know how new exciting features are constantly coming out of the forge! Dimitris always makes sure that when a new feature’s coming out, it’s been tested in a closed beta. And if you’re part of the Alchemists’ Council, you can take part in this! You’ll be able to see the feature first, and have your say in how it’s developed! Let’s take a look at this role!

What are Alchemists?

Alchemists turn lead into gold – which is exactly why we used the name for our council of honored closed-beta-testers! They help us make our features the best they can be for the whole community!

Any Grandmaster of the World Anvil Guild (or above) can become an Alchemist. You’ll get access to new big features before anyone else, and help in their development, to make sure they’re doing what you want them to! For example, Alchemists already have access to Manuscripts (project Homer/ Scribes), the upcoming Writers’ update. Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be amazing! And thanks to the Alchemists’ awesome feedback, Dimitris knows better how to make each feature exactly what you need it to be.

Join the Alchemists Council now!

List of Discord channels exclusive to alchemists

These are the Alchemist channels that are currently visible for Grandmasters!

All Grandmasters can see the development channels on the Discord server. However, if you are a Grandmaster and want to get access to the newest features still in closed-beta, you’re just one button-click away!

  1. Go to your account features page on World Anvil (click your avatar on the top right)
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
  3. Click the Alchemist Features are Disabled button!

You’ll be logged out of your account, but when you log back in, you’ll see any new features that are in closed beta appear on the left hand menu!

Give feedback on Discord!

Dimitris regularly pings the Alchemist role on the Discord server, asking for feedback on new features that he’s working on. If you want to be pinged, check out the #guild-exclusive-roles channel on Discord to get the role! Expect pings from time to time in the Alchemist channels, and remember to give your feedback, too! Dimitris always appreciates it and takes it into account!

Thank you for joining the Alchemists! You make World Anvil a better tool for the whole community!