The Shipwright Challenge ran in 2021 from September 4th to October 2nd—and with over 140 submitted entries, there was a TON of absolutely stunning worldbuilding! So, let’s look at the winners of the Challenge to get worldbuilding inspiration from the best!

What was the Shipwright Challenge?

Can’t you hear the sound of the waves coming from this badge?

The Shipwright Challenge was one of our community challenges in 2021. Its prompt was to write about a ship (or a class of ship) that was special in some way. And, in order to be qualified to win, there had to be a map of the ship in the article. The winners got a shiny badge for their profiles, a feature in the Worldbuilding Magazine, and a DungeonFog membership.

As with all of our community challenges, there are two leagues, and each has its own winner. The Standard League is for those who have never won a challenge before, while the Premier League is exclusive to people who have already won at least one challenge. So, let’s take a look at the two winners!

Standard League winner: “Airship Queen Eleanor” by Tillerz

Shipwright challenge standard league winner: Airship Queen Eleanor

This article hits all the right notes for the challenge. It explains its history, details its different systems (including a hilarious “do not press” button), and introduces the most prominent members of its crew. It includes two fully interactive maps and stunning commissioned art. Check it out on World Anvil!

Premier League Winner: “The New French Steam Battleships: The Napoléon-class Ships-of-the-line” by AmélieIS

Shipwright winner article by AmelieIS

Yes, it’s a very long title, and the article is just as comprehensive! Expect detailed explanations about naval combat and its history, the technology behind this class of ship, and more! It looks straight out from Wikipedia—but it’s even better, thanks to its clear formatting and the detailed interactive map. Check it out on World Anvil!

Inspired to write about a ship in your world? Check out our 5 tips to create a ship (or a spaceship) and create an account to get started!

Of course, many other anvilites submitted their entries, so make sure to check out the challenge page to see the list of all entries! And if you’d like to take part in a community challenge, stay tuned on our social media for the next one!

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