You did it! We heard you. Your call to LINK ALL THE THINGS has been answered. Autolinker is here!

In our recently completed Forge of the Future surveyyou made it abundantly clear that you wanted the ability to automatically and effortlessly link all of your articles together. As one of our most requested features in recent World Anvil history, our development team began working on it right away! Not familiar with Autolinker yet? Keep reading to find out how you can speed up your writing and worldbuilding process.

The information on this blog post might be outdated! Check the documentation for the most up-to-date information about this feature.

What does the Autolinker do?

We designed the Autolinker to speed up your editing process when writing articles. As a result, ease of use was our top priority. 

First, the main goal was to provide a feature that could automatically hyperlink all of your articles in just a few clicks. No more copy/paste. No more hunting for/trying to remember articles you wrote ages ago.

Second, we wanted the autolink function to be simple to use.  s a result, the Autolinker is just one click away, right at the top of the Euclid editor next to the Spellchecker. From there you have 3 options:

  1. I’m in a Hurry! – The Autolinker handles everything. It will link up relevant keywords to articles you’ve already published. One click of a button, and you’re done!
  2. Top Priority Only – The Autolinker links only the first mention of each relevant keyword in your article, meaning you won’t have links all the way down!
  3. Yeah, I’ve Got Time – The Autolinker takes you through every match that it’s found, and you manually decide what article (from suggestions) to link it up to. Still quicker than the manual way!

Use Cases (Why you’ll love this)

Do you find yourself constantly going back to edit your articles with links? Perhaps you’re taken out of the writing mood with these speed bumps? If so, this feature is perfect for you.

Always remember, the Autolinker can save you hours of work if you’re editing a large bulk of articles. There’s only one thing to do, try it out for yourself!

The Autolinker is just one of many features within the World Anvil Toolbox, see them all.

How Do I Get Access to this Feature?

Our Autolinker feature is for Master Worldsmiths and up. Though, if you’re still struggling to find it: the feature is only available to those who are using the Euclid editor. To switch, head over to your profile and click on interface, where you can change your editor!

If you’re not already a Master Worldsmith, check out all the features you’re missing out on here!

How does Autolinker work?

The Autolinker is a simple god.

Firstly, when the button is clicked, it scans all your articles and begins matching them to keywords.

Secondly, the article titles match with the keywords and provide you a list of potential options.

Finally, you can start matching! If there’s one possible match, hallelujah! Though if there are multiple, the Autolinker shows you the exact match and other possibilities.

“But what if I’m using the Replace All function?” We hear you cry.

Well, that works exactly the same! Though you don’t have the option to match your keywords to each title.

As a result, we match the longest title first.

Don’t love it? Here’s the best way to let us know so we can continue to improve World Anvil and all its features.

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