As worldbuilders we love experimenting with different mediums all the time. Photography, Illustration, Writing, Spraying on walls we love it all!

For quite some time I was asked by game developers if there will ever be a quick way to show their models into world anvil. Spaceships, Flying ships and cars were on the top of the list.

So I am very happy to say that now you can use the new World Anvil Tag called [sketchfab:ITEM_ID_HERE] to do so!

How do I do it?

To do so, simply upload or find a 3d object at and then copy the final part of the URL of that object.

Once you have the ID go to your article and paste the World Anvil Tag as such [sketchfab:d0cca84047434336b66464802849e385]

When viewing your article you will now have a rendering of that object loading in it!

It’s actually that simple!

I hope you enjoy playing around with it, and please do let me know if you have any other ideas for cool integrations in the comments below or by a feature request!