Guys – we’re so very excited to announce that WE HAVE A BRAND NEW TEXT EDITOR – AND IT’S UP ON THE PLATFORM RIGHT NOW!

This has been something you guys have been asking for a lot! It’s been a complicated thing to deliver, but we’re so excited to finally have it available for you all! Here’s a video that explains a little bit more about it, or check out the blog below.



What is it?

Basically, it’s a word processor. But a special one! WYSIWYG, also know as What you see is what you get, is the new type of editor for World Anvil. If you’ve ever used MS Word, Google Docs or any other text editor it’s going to be totally intuitive. 

Basically, it allows you to preview how your content will look without any [square bracket] tags of the BB code. That, in turn, makes it easier and quicker to write! Check out the picture below! Headers appear big. Bold, italics and colour are now expressed in the edit mode. And in the top line, you can see that the mentions system still works! That was our top priority and one of the things that made it tricky to develop.

You can also do most kinds of formatting you’ll need, as well as create tables quickly. I, for one, and super psyched about that feature! I LOVE TABLES!

What does this mean for you? You no longer need to learn how to use the World Anvil BB Code tags! Also, most formating, and other fancy bits and bobs, can be done much easier.

What if I don’t want things to change?

IF YOU’RE A TRADITIONALIST and you want to continue to use the BB Code tags, then check out the last button on the format buttons line, marked with square brackets. The  “[ ]“ button will flip you from WYSIWYG mode to SOURCE mode, where you can see and edit your BB Code.

In fact, for those that want to use exclusively the old editor, you can go to Settings and then Interface & Accessibility. There you can flip your World Anvil settings back to the “Legacy” editor, so that’ll always appear for you.

For those Power Users who make extensive use of the most advanced coding, like the container features and section tags features, we suggest that you use the new editor, BUT set your preferences to source code as your primary mode. You can change it from the Interface & Accessibility settings. 

What do you think?

We’re so excited to hear what you think! Dimitris and I developed World Anvil to help people with their worldbuilding, and this is a big step in making that easier! So, let us know in the comments below 🙂

<3 <3 <3 Now grab your hammer, AND GO WORLDBUILD! <3 <3 <3