Numerous guild features and general site-wide enhancements are live!

Dimitris crafted various worldbuilding features for you all this week! From setting a default global cover image, to a new theme, check out details for each item below.

Guild Only Updates

Default World Cover Images

As users further customized the style of their worlds, many have seen the default leather strip cover stick out like a sore thumb. To remedy this, you can now go to your World Configuration and set your own Global Cover under the Display section!

Global Cover Setting

Replace the leather strip with your own default image across Articles, Timeline Pages, Historical Entry pages, and Categories. Remember, the new default cover will only appear if these pages dont have their own cover already. As a bonus, GRANDMASTER+ Worldbuilders also have the ability to set a default cover specialized to Categories as well!

A New Theme

Our amazing member Sierra Komodo has created for the Guild a new amazing Sci-Fi Theme! Dark with nice accents and clean lines, it is a wonderful addition to the list of themes we currently provide our Worldbuilders. Welcome the new Galaxy Anvil theme to the family!

Galaxy Anvil Theme

In addition, themes are now applicable to Campaign Pages! Time to give your adventures a new look to give off the mood and setting you desire.

Formatting Enhancements

  • A new design feature is now available for Worldbuilders MASTER+! The section “Full Footer” is accessible under the Design tab on each article. This allows the placement of content full-width right under the article, beneath both the left and right columns.
Full Footer Example

Example of Full Footer beneath article containing article reference content

  • New CSS classes .character-relationships and .character-relationship-panel are now available to help with designing visuals for Character relations on the Character presentation template.
  • To make it easier to navigate the Subscribers page, the page loads groups with over 5 subscribers as collapsed by default. This is a temporary solution and first stage for a future overhaul of the Subscriber page design that is currently a work in progress. Eventually, each group will have its own page with links to all properties the group has access to.

Collapsed Subscribers

General Site-Wide Enhancements

The following enhancements were implemented to help improve workflow and navigation within the site.

  • To help improve the article editing workflow, clicking the View/Preview button from the edit article screen now opens in a new tab! 
  • Subscriber groups assigned to Markers are now visible on the marker. An example of this can be found here, where the list of subscriber groups are shown for a secret!
  • Curious what campaign or world a character belongs to? Links to the Campaign and World is now available from Character Dashboard panel!

Campaign and World Link

If you are not a guild member but are interested in the guild features described above, check out our guild membership details!

Get out there and make your worlds even more stylish!