Staff here at World Anvil have been completely blown away by the #WASummerCamp competition this week… Tonnes of articles have been rolling in all week at lightning speeds, resulting in 2466 across 430 competitors. Talk about a lot to read! But don’t worry, we’ve put together a quick roundup of this week’s Summer Camp articles for everyone- including small posts, detailed posts, and everything in between!

Before you read on, don’t forget to check out our Roundup for Week 1 of #WASummerCamp!

Day 8: What’s the most famous fairy tale or children’s story in your world?

Week 2 of World Anvil Summer Camp 2018 kicked off with an absolute bang; according to Gorge on his daily Twitch stream, by day 8 we had 1397 entries from over 320 competitors! As of today, 86 of those entries belong to the Fairy Tale prompt; as Janet notes in her Unpacking the Prompt, Fairy Tales act as a moral filter for thier cultures, but can also be used as foreshadowing tools for their authors. Gives you quite a lot to think of when reading our roundup articles this week, doesn’t it?

Day 9: Describe the most feared illness or condition in your world?

During Gorge’s Livestream, day 9 saw a jump from 1347 articles and 324 competitors to 1532 and 342- with 124 of those belonging to our Illness prompt today… Looks like few people had problems revisiting the most feared illness prompt after our Plaaaague competition a few months ago- good news for Janet, whose Unpacking the Prompt video touched on the many reasons Illnesses could be feared.

A quick warning: Articles for this prompt may contain disturbing imagery and descriptions. Not all of them, of course. But if you’re not a fan of horror and don’t want to take the chance, then you might want to give this category a hot skip!

Day 10: What unique resource exists in your world? What are its properties?

By early in the week numbers had slown back down; Gorge’s livestream on Day 10 showed a simple 150 entry jump across 357 competitors. Despite this, the Unique resources prompt contains a whopping 119 entries today! Truee to Janet’s suggestions in her Unpacking the Prompt video, they span a wide range of natural and manufactured resources- some of which are pretty dang cool!

Day 11: Write about a hero in your world who changed history.

Days 11 and 12 show us twin prompts focusing on Heroes and Villains. First up, we focus on the Hero: The hows and whys behind their beloved status- which, as Janet mentions in her Unpacking the Prompt, can be incredibly varied; Today, Heroes outweigh Villains with a solid 111 entries- but if the stats from Gorge’s livestream are anything to go by (1875 total entries, wow!), that might not stay true for long!

Day 12: Write about a villain in your world who changed history.

Day 12’s Livestream– hosted by our lovely Gorge- rang in with 2036 entries from 392 competitors, and sees us switch focus from Heroes to Villains; Janet, in her Unpacking the Prompt video, touches on the topic of how Villains can sometimes be the good guys in their own ways- though that hasn’t stopped 95 Villains from being submitted to the prompt today!

Day 13: Describe one technology which fundamentally altered your world.

By day 13 over 2180 articles had been submitted across all prompts, with 407 hanging in tight according to gorge’s daily Livestream; as Janet notes in her Unpacking the Prompt, technology’s a tricky subject. We’re happy to see that, as of today, at least 84 people have gotten creative with technology in their settings despite the difficulties the prompt presents!

Day 14: Write about an ancient kingdom, nation or empire in your world.

Bringing up the end of the week, we have Ancient Civilizations with 90 entries as of today! This topic saw quite a few interesting discussions in our Discord, including how Ancient Civilizations are even classified. Janet touches on all of these in her Unpacking the Prompt video, and gives us several examples. Gorge’s livestream also did their first “Roundup of Roundups“- featuring a special guest, our very own Sai!

And there you have it, folks! Drop by the articles and leave a comment and a like (and maybe even a quick tweet) if you enjoyed them- and don’t forget to tune in to GorgeFodder’s Livestream, airing daily at 21:00 BST on World Anvil’s Twitch channel, in order to stay up to date on the goings-on.

A Quick Note: Some have been asking how to get featured in the roundups, and the answer’s pretty simple: Just write- and do your best! A header image doesn’t hurt, of course, but what we’re really looking for is creativity and variety. So keep writing, and you might just see your name featured!

Until next week Anvilites! Be creative, avoid burnout, and have fun!