August is almost here, and you know what’s also here? Gen Con is! Sure, the in-person convention was cancelled, but since when does a pandemic stop us RPG gamers? This year we’ll have Gen Con Online —same awesomeness as always, but this time you can be there from your sofa! And best of all? We’ll be there too, presenting our favourite worldbuilding method! Check the details in this post if you want to improve your worldbuilding and GMing skills!

What’s Gen Con Online?

Gen Con is a tabletop gaming convention that usually takes place in Indianapolis. It started in 1968 and every year thousands upon thousands of people go there to play TTRPGs and do various activities related to our favourite hobby! This year, Gen Con was cancelled, but from the ashes rose a new one: Gen Con Online! It will take place between July 30 and August 2 —it’s almost here!

Come see us and learn more about worldbuilding!

Tune in on August 1 or Sunday 2 at 10am EST (3pm BST) to see our amazing founders, Janet and Dimitris, talking about agile worldbuilding! Let them walk you through their worldbuilding process, which is not only quick but also very easy! Learn how to build only what you need to build and only when you need to do it —all while staying one step ahead of your players! This talk is actually great for any worldbuilder, but it’s especially directed towards GMs of any RPG system.

And you don’t need to bring anything with you, other than a notebook and a pen, your brain, and energy to learn new amazing tips! The event will be streamed on our YouTube and Twitch channels, but it’s highly recommended that you sign up too —it’s free! Free professional advice from the comfort of your home? You can’t miss it!

Will you be there with us? I sure will be there and I can’t wait! Sign up now!