Looking for more inspiration for WorldEmber, and for your worldbuilding in general? Well, have no fear, the WorldEmber Advent Calendar is here! During WorldEmber, you’ll get a daily prompt to keep you going through WorldEmber all the way until the end of the month!

How does the WorldEmber Advent Calendar work?

We have 31 worldbuilding prompts ready for you! But we haven’t released all of them yet —every day we release one on our social media and on our Discord server (look for the #prompts-advent-calendar channel). Also, they are setting and genre-agnostic and cover a wide variety of topics! So you can use them regardless of the kind of world you have! And best of all? Each prompt has a short video where Janet gives you some tips and ideas to inspire you!

Here’s the YouTube playlist with the released prompts —but make sure you subscribe to our channel and turn on the notifications so you are up-to-date on the latest prompt!

How do you answer a prompt?

You’ll need a World Anvil account (create one for free)! Each prompt has a link you can use to write your answer. You’ll find the link in the same social media post, Discord message, or YouTube description as the prompt itself. Once you’re on that page, find the Write this prompt! button… and get writing! If someone else has already answered it, you’ll see their articles on the prompt page too —feel free to use them as inspiration!

Remember that your article needs to be public and published in order to be counted for WorldEmber! If your answer to the prompt is public, it will also appear on the prompt page for everyone. This is a great way to help new people become fans of your world, and find new readers!

Want more details about the prompt feature? Check out the Codex guide!

Need more worldbuilding or writing prompts?

We have more! If the 31 prompts in the WorldEmber Advent Calendar are not enough, use the Worldbuilding Prompts page on World Anvil (click the Browse menu in the top bar to find it)! These prompts are submitted by the community and curated by the Team, so you’re sure to find tons of inspirational material in there!

Haven’t answered a prompt yet? Go find today’s prompt and get writing! WorldEmber is waiting for you!