Our 5th birthday is coming very soon (it’s on Saturday 29th of October!), and we want to celebrate it with you! We’ve seen so many people improve their wolds and creative projects since joining World Anvil, and now it’s time for you to show your amazing progress to the world!

What is the Before and After campaign?

As part of our birthday celebration this October, we want to look back at the past five years and see how far we all have come! To do that, we ask you to share two screenshots or pictures that show your progress: an early picture of your creative project and a newer one now that you’re on World Anvil. Then, share them on Twitter or Instagram before the end of September with the hashtag #WA5Years and a mention to us (@WorldAnvil) so we don’t miss it. You’ll get a chance to win a World Anvil mug as well as be featured during the birthday stream!

World Anvil itself has also changed and improved a ton since it was first created, and we dug up some old screenshots to show you:

Evolution of the World Anvil interface

We’re not embarrassed to show you, so neither should you by sharing where you come from! It’s a great time to reflect on your work, see how much you have improved, and realize that you’re a better worldbuilder than you might think!

Examples from the World Anvil Team!

Here are some examples from the team to inspire your own submissions! We’re starting with Janet and the screenshot that describes how World Anvil started. Google Docs was crashing constantly because Janet’s worldbuilding was too long, so she asked Dimitris to build her a worldbuilding software. And now we not only have an Ennie, but she’s a published author, including as the lead writer of the Dark Crystal RPG Adventure Game!

If you’ve been on World Anvil for a while, you’ve probably heard about Ethnis and its team (including the core duo, Ademal and Barron). Ethnis is actually older than World Anvil, and this screenshot proves it!

My own world started as a single planet and it’s developed into a full science-fantasy universe, all thanks to World Anvil! And we recently released Chronicles, an amazing interactive tool that lets you visualize your world’s history on a map—and oh boy, have I been spending way too much time on it!

And here’s what Adam, our marketing specialist and Meme Lord, has been working on for his world. Now THAT’s a visual upgrade!

Share your own progress pics!

Now, we want to celebrate YOUR progress! Follow these two simple steps:

  1. Take two pictures or screenshots of your world or creative project, showing your Before and After World Anvil.
  2. Before September ends, post them on Twitter, Instagram or our Facebook Group using the #WA5Years and tagging us (@WorldAnvil) to make sure we see it.

On the 29th of October, tune in to our Twitch channel to learn if you’ve won a World Anvil mug! And even if you don’t win, we’ll still feature you together with the rest of the community!

So grab your camera (or screenshot app) and share your pictures on Twitter or Instagram now!

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