We’re thrilled to announce our amazing line-up of experts for our 2024 Worldbuilding Con! What’s Worldbuilding Con again?
  • free, online Con for all worldbuilders, game masters and writers
  • a chance to hear from world experts on critical topics, and even ask questions live!
  • Save the date: 16-17th March!
  • Learn more, and become a better worldbuilder! 🏆
  • R.A. Salvatore – Fantasy author of the Drizzt novels with over 30 million book sales.
  • Tracy Hickman – NYT Best Selling Author & Creator of Dragonlance
  • Jason Carl –  Brand Marketing Manager for World of Darkness.
  • Shanna Germain – Award-winning writer and game designer.
  • Cody Pondsmith – Lead designer at R.Talsorian Games.
  • CL Clark – BFA award-winning editor and Nebula-nominated author.
  • Basheer Ghouse – Writer and game designer, developing Guns Blazing.
  • Mark Diaz Truman – Co-founder of Magpie Games and RPG designer.
  • Brian McClellan – Acclaimed Powder Mage Universe author.
  • Dominique Dickey – Nebula Award-winning RPG creator, editor at Monte Cook Games.
  • Peter Chiykowski – Creator of Rock Paper Cynic and The Story Engine Deck.
  • Grace P. Fong – Author-illustrator and narrative designer, Magic: the Gathering.
  • B. Dave Walters – Game Writer, Victor Temple on Vampire: The Masquerade.
  • Andy Law –  Award-Winning Tabletop Game Designer & Cartographer, Warhammer
  • Alina Pete – Award-Winning creator of comics, animation, TTRPGs and fiction.
These award-winning, expert presenters will be covering topics like Horror Worldbuilding, Creating Better Characters, Planning Your World, Politics & Power… and more!
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