We love our shiny math rocks! But sometimes a virtual dice roller comes in handy too, especially when we play online. Well, we’ve updated our dice roller —it can now roll pretty much any kind of dice with all sorts of modifiers! This means that the new dice roller is truly system agnostic. Let’s unpack how it works!

How to use the dice roller

As always, you can insert a rollable dice button into any World Anvil article or statblock (such as the new D&D character sheet!). For example, [roll:1d10+3] will display as a button you can click to roll a ten-sided die with a +3 modifier. But the new update means that you can go way crazier than that! These are only some of the things you can do:

  • Use all kinds of dice! Use d% for a percentile roll, or dF for Fudge dice. You can even type dF.1 for variant Fudge dice, which have four blank sides instead of the normal two.
  • Using exploding dice? Just type an exclamation mark (!) after the dice notation! 1d10! means that if a 10 is rolled, it will re-roll the die and add up the results.
  • We’ve got dice pools too! With dice pools, you often have to count the number of successes. Type 5d10>6 and the result will be the number of dice with a result higher than 6. Easy, huh?
  • And still with dice pools, you can also choose to keep or drop the highest or lowest rolls. For example, 6d10kh2 will roll six ten-sided dice but only keep the two highest results. k is for keeph is for high, and 2 is the number of rolls you keep. Replace k with d to drop, and h for to focus on the lowest rolls instead! This might sound a bit more complicated, but you’ll master it in no time!

There’s so much more you can do with the dice roller! For a full list of everything possible and interactive examples, check out the documentation from the developer.

Let us know what you think about this update! Are there any systems that aren’t supported by the new dice roller?