I was just browsing through my favorite groups when I found a great prompt from a guy called Patrick, which asked us to

“Come up with names of shops, stores, taverns, etc. That are all puns.”

And I thought well… We happen to have one of the most creative communities out there, why can’t we contribute to this and create a resource for everyone to have easily accessible.

Going through the answers to the worldbuilding prompt I have picked/curated some for you but

I would love to see yours in the comments below 

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The list


Dew Drop Inn, Druid owned Inn

The Old Inn and Out

The Horse You Rode Inn

Bargewright Inn

The Donkomin Inn (Don’t come in)

The Meadian. Their signature drink is mead and the inn lies exactly halfway between two cities on a particularly long road

Smiths & Artisants

Hung Lo’s Hammers, Blacksmith


Nice To Meat You, Butchers shop

Meat & Greet, Butcher and Tapas

Magic Ian’s Apothecary

Seams Legit. a real clothing business.

Skin in the game Taxidermist

Oh My Cod, Fish and Chips

The Stumble Inn

Morning’s Wood, Bed Carpenters


The Temple of Dionysus: Ales what Cures You.

Other Establishments

The Cock in Cider

Rotten tomato theatre

Night nites knight night-school, open 7 days

Ryte to Bare Arms, Fighter’s Guild that no one talks about because the laws of the city don’t allow peasants to participate in martial training, or a Shop that sells exclusively blunt weapons