This year we organized several community meet-ups to get to know you all and celebrate Summer Camp! It was an absolutely amazing experience that we hope to repeat. But meanwhile, here’s what went down in the Summer Camp 2022 Picnics!

What were the Summer Camp 2022 Picnics?

During June and July, Janet and Dimitris went on tour to meet our wonderful community in person! There were two meet-ups in Europe (London and Copenhagen) and three in America (New York, Miami, and Washington D.C.), and we had so much fun celebrating Summer Camp! In case you don’t know, Summer Camp happens in July and we challenge you to answer 31 worldbuilding prompts about your world.

Group of anvilites in the Summer Camp 2022 picnics

Look! Beautiful anvilites!

So, what did we do, you might ask? Well, of course, we talked about worldbuilding! In particular, we talked about elevator pitches and collaborative worldbuilding. We divided the group into smaller groups who worked together to create the basics of a new world, and everything culminated in an elevator pitch-off! We then voted on the best ones and shared constructive feedback.

Check out our tips to write elevator pitches for your world for more information!

The most amazing part is that many people knew each other but it was the first time they hung out in real life! There was so much excitement and happy feelings (everyone pooled their snacks together!), and we got to nerd out over our worldbuilding too. And some people even found new players or GMs, as well as writing buddies!

Group of anvilites working on their world on a Summer Camp picnics

So much focus, so much passion!

What’s next for the community?

Our birthday is coming up this October! Stay tuned on our community channels, because we’re very excited to celebrate it with you! And if you’re already thinking about next year’s meetups—don’t worry, we are too! On April 19th-24th 2023 we’ll be in D20 at sea, a TTRPG-themed cruise. We’ll arrange other meetups around that time too. And we’re also planning on visiting Australia, so if you’re interested in it let us know which major city you’re closest to!

Want to get to know the community? We’re currently running the Reading Challenge, where you’ll have a chance to get to know other people’s works! Or you can also join our community on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord.

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