We’ve just released our first video for WorldEmber 2018 – and we’re so excited (as you’ll see from the strange variety of faces which Janet is making…)! Here it is in all its glory – and if you’d rather read than watch a video, we have the script at the end of this blog post for you. Also, make sure you watch to the end – there’s a bit of a surprise there…


So for those completely uninitiated with WorldEmber, it’s a magical time of year, when worldbuilders of all kinds get together and try to smash a 10,000 word count goal, win prizes, share worldbuilding tips and general feel the jovial season of worldbuilding. So if that sounds like your kind of thing, keep your eyes peeled for the WorldEmber challenge page, which will be up soon on World Anvil. That’ll contain all the rules, special categories, our amazing sponsors and some of the awesome prizes you can win.

So, are you going to be taking part in WorldEmber? Already have ideas for which world you’ll be working on? Join us on Discord to keep the conversation going! We’ll also be releasing some WorldEmber workshop videos – the first is about what to decide when you start a new worldbuilding project – so stay tuned for those!

Here’s a link to our Discord, just in case you haven’t joined us yet!

Discord: https://discord.gg/cxKYPrD

What is WorldEmber, 2018 Edition?

Greetings and salutations! I’m Janet from World Anvil and today we’re going to talk about WORLDEMBER!

In Worldember, we challenge you to write 10,000 words of worldbuilding. There’s loads of inspiration to be had, a great community spirit, and over 1000$ of prizes to be won, plus you’ll be taking your worldbuilding to the next level. Does that sound like your kind of thing? Well then, it’s time to LIGHT UP THE FORGE.

WorldEmber is a worldbuilding marathon, where we challenge you to write 10,000 words of worldbuilding. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing for – maybe you’re cataloging the world of your NaNoWriMo novel, preparing a new RPG campaign, or working on a pre-existing world setting that you love? Whatever you choose to work on, WorldEmber will help you expand the depth and breadth of that world setting, and end 2018 with a bang!


When is WorldEmber?

WorldEmber happens in December – we kick off one minute past midnight GMT on December 1st, and run through until New Year’s Eve – midnight GMT on December 31st – so you’ll be ending the old year on a high, with a great achievement under your belt.

GMT (Greenwich Mean)

START: 00:01 on December 1st

END: 23:59 on December 31st

PST (Pacific USA)

START: 17:01 on November 30th

END: 16:59 on December 31st

EST (Eastern USA)

START: 20:01 on November 30th

END: 19:59 on December 31st

ACST (Australian Central)

START: 10:31 on December 1st

END: 10:29 on January 1st


How do you take part in WorldEmber?

Just write 10,000 words of worldbuilding on the World Anvil platform, and you’re a WorldEmber winner! The articles have to be public and must be created during world ember – only new articles started during Worldember will count towards your goal. Words written in timelines, maps, secrets and historical events DO NOT count towards this competition.


Where does WorldEmber happen?

WorldEmber happens on the World Anvil worldbuilding platform – that’s www.worldanvil.com. The platform is set up to count your worldbuilding words automatically from December 1st. Words are counted across all different World Codexes, so whichever worlds you write in will count towards your total. We’ll also have support both for worldbuilding and for using the platform, as well as challenges and chat, on our Discord channel. So if that sounds like your kind of thing then check out the link in the description below.


Who can take part in WorldEmber?

Anyone! Just head on down to World Anvil and make sure you register for your free account. Some examples of WorldEmber participants from last year include:

  • Writers working on their novel settings
  • DMs building campaign settings
  • Artists expanding the lore behind their images
  • Cartographers building up the lore behind their maps


What do I win for WorldEmber?

Writing 10,000 words during WorldEmber will earn you the WorldEmber 2018 participation badge. and we have stretch goals like the Novel Achievement award (50,000 words) and even the Trilogy Award (150,000 words). Don’t laugh – at least one competitor managed that many words last year. I’m looking at you, Kitashi.


We also have over 1000$ worth of prizes for categories such as “Most Words” and “Community Favourite” – including World Anvil premium memberships, amazing worldbuilding books, dice, World Anvil merchandise, and tonnes of other goodies, as well as unique badges for your World Anvil profile. WorldEmber Winners will also be entered into our winners prize draw for a chance to win some great goodies. For a full list of categories, check out the WorldEmber challenge page on World Anvil.

Guys, there’s every single reason to take part in WorldEmber, so what are you still doing here? Head over to World Anvil to create your account, grab your hammer, and GO WORLDBUILD!

Want to get a head-start on WorldEmber planning? Check out TJ’s document on World Anvil here.

For more worldbuilding inspiration, check out our Worldbuilding Inspiration Series: Ethnicity article.

For more World Anvil videos, head to our YouTube channel, or the series Immersive Worldbuilding with Janet.

Now grab your hammer – and GO WORLDBUILD!