It’s time to freshen up your fantasy world – our new Elven Forest theme is here!

Ahhh time for a breath of fresh air! If you’re ready to turn a new leaf with your worldbuilding, you’re going to love this new theme! It’s easy on the eyes and has some wonderful decorative elements to it that capture the vibes of ancient forests, nature, celtic and elvish themes.

Chief theme designer TJ here – I really enjoyed creating this style! It’s perfect for fantasy settings that have a big focus on elves or forest-folk, but you could easily swap out the background image (using the CSS guide on our Codex) to adapt this theme to suit almost any subgenre of fantasy worldbuilding!

The clean layout makes it ideal for showcasing your world and sharing in-game lore for your TTRPG campaigns! Try it out today – just select the Elven Forest theme in your World Configuration Settings! Themes are available to all guild members.

Question of the day: What theme(s) would you like to see next on World Anvil? (leave a comment below!)

P.S. If elven forests don’t suit your genre, why not check out some of our other epic alternatives like our: steampunk theme, SciFi theme, cyberpunk, or eldritch horror theme!

Elven Forest Theme

Elven Forest Theme

Elven Forest Theme

P.P.S. – 90 DAYS UNTIL WORLDEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!