The translation project is currently paused, so some parts of the site are untranslated and there may be errors that can’t be corrected. You can still join a translation team to be among the first to know when we’re ready to translate again!

The World Anvil community has members from all around the globe. This is why we have a team of awesome people that help translate World Anvil! Thanks to them, World Anvil is currently available in 20 different languages. Are you interested in helping us? Keep reading!

How can I translate World Anvil?

If you can fluently speak another language other than English, go ahead and join the Translations Discord server. In there, you will be able to join the team for your language and start translating right away!

Translators are volunteers organized in different teams, led by a native speaker of that language. Translation teams receive new strings to translate regularly, so there’s always work to do! Just make sure that you coordinate with the rest of your team so that you are all on the same page. Check out the guide to translating World Anvil for more information.

Switching languages on World Anvil

Even if you don’t want to join a translation team, you can view World Anvil in your language! Go to your World Anvil account details and look for the language switcher. If a language is not in the drop-down it means that it doesn’t have a translation team yet or that the translations are not developed enough.

You can also switch the language of your individual worlds in their respective configuration pages. If you do so, some elements like headers will be displayed in your chosen language on the presentation view too.

Which languages are available?

There are 19 languages (other than English) that you can currently choose on World Anvil, including German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French, and Czech. We also have teams for 12 other languages that haven’t been published yet, such as Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and Afrikaans. Unpublished languages are not available as an option in your account details yet.

But even if your language does not have a team yet, you can still help! As long as you are a native speaker of the language and have at least a couple other people to help you, join the server and request a new team to be created. We’ll be happy to do it!

But that’s enough explanation for now. Join the translation server and start translating today!