It has been a difficult quest, many adventurers have tried to venture towards the dungeon of “Pathfinder 2e Character sheet for World Anvil” and have fallen, kneeled under the enormity of this gargantuan, monstrous living-dungeon creature which eats babies for breakfast.

It took the combined efforts of three of our most seasoned adventurers, Gorkam, Tillerz & Davina but the BEAST WAS SLAIN! Due to their monumental efforts – I am extremely excited to announce that WORLD ANVIL NOW HAS A PATHFINDER 2E Character sheet!

It comes with the World Anvil Dice roller integrated which means that you can click on the dice icons and roll the scores/abilities/attacks etc!

Example Pathfinder Character sheet

As a special action we also have the Pathfinder 2e Spell stablock and the Pathfinder 2e Action/Feat Statblock!

More sheets like the Monster/NPC one are on the way but we are off to a great start! All of the sheets are available for everyone to use for free ๐Ÿ˜€

If you have any ideas or feedback for the sheets please, do let me know!ย