If you’ve ever wished you could have pretty art for your towns and cities, I’ve got a treat for you today! Meet Townscaper, a town generator that adapts to your imagination. I was impressed when I saw the trailer —it’s just a matter of clicking and seeing the magic unfold. And the results are the prettiest! And you know the best part? It can easily be used on World Anvil too. Let’s see how!

What is Townscaper?

Townscaper town showcase

Look at how cute this little town is!

Townscaper is not a game —it’s a toy! Have you ever played with LEGO bricks to create cities? Well, Townscaper is exactly that but inside your computer! Just like LEGO, it has no defined goal nor any other game mechanics, but it’s fun and a little bit addictive too. And not only that, but it’s also the most satisfying thing ever —five clicks and you’ve turned your little shack into a fancy villa! Thanks to Townscaper’s algorithms, your town will adapt to your clicks. Houses with arches? Check. Big tall towers? Check. Floating cities? Check!  Your imagination is the limit!

Using Townscaper in worldbuilding

Now, Townscaper is not for RPG battle maps —but who needs those, right? Cute pictures of a colorful town’s where it’s at! The outlines of streets and buildings are clear enough for a general overview map, and the whole piece is pretty enough for some art. You’ll be especially happy with this little toy if your world has a Mediterranean feeling to it —that’s definitely a big inspiration for this software!

And integrating it with World Anvil is very easy. Of course, you can just take a picture of your newly-created town and upload it as an illustration for a settlement of your world. But let’s get fancier than that! You can upload it as a map, add pins, and you’ve got an interactive town where each important building is linked to your article! Take a peek at the guide to maps to see how they work in more detail.

Get it now!

Townscaper is available on Steam in early access —so go get it! There’s also a small Twitter community around the #Townscaper hashtag, so go check it out if you want to see a showcase of towns! Make sure to follow @OskSta too for updates.

Have you tried Townscaper yet? I want to know what you thought about it and which kinds of towns you built!