The World Anvil Anthology pre-order is ready, while the release date is already on the horizon! If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve probably heard about this project already. But in short, there was a novelette writing challenge last year, and the prize for the winners was being published in an anthology! Isn’t that exciting? Well, now the book is available for pre-order, and we’re so hyped about this. So keep reading to find out more!

What’s the World Anvil Anthology about?

The Anthology will be published by Kyanite Publishing, an amazing independent book publisher who partnered with us for that writing challenge. Over seventy people entered, and ten of them made it through the selection process! Our community has great writers, and this Anthology is your opportunity to read some of our best authors. So don’t miss it! These are the stories featured in the Anthology:

  • Dead Meat by Nicklas Eric Larsson
  • Looking for Light by Christopher Dravus
  • Iron Sharpens Iron by M.K. Beutymhill
  • The Furious Vexes by Tpherial
  • The Rains by Al Provance
  • The Realm of Moments Passed by Larnce Hicks
  • Hunting Misfortune by J.L. Allred
  • Sanctum of Snow and Blood by C.R. Christiansen
  • Fulcrum by Travakh
  • Upwards, or, The Great Fall by Garrett S. Lewis

Pre-ordering is here!

The World Anvil Anthology release date is November 20th, but you can already pre-order it on their store!! You can choose between ebook, paperback, or hardback for maximum awesomeness! By preordering the book you are not only getting amazing creative stories, but you’re also supporting our awesome community! We even have a special discount code for all of you amazing anvilites: use the code WORLDBUILDING at check-out to get 20% off any format!

From a scale of very hyped to extremely hyped, how excited are you? Are you going to get the World Anvil Anthology? I can’t wait to get my hand on that shiny cover!