Conflict is an important part of any story, and an interesting conflict to write about is that between a leader and the people they lead. With the new Worldbuilding Magazine Revolutions issue, you can step up your game and create conflicts that are deeper and more engaging for your readers or players!

What’s in this issue?

Worldbuilding magazine revolutions issue cover

Look at this spooky (but pretty) cover!

As always, you can expect lots of insightful advice, amazing content, and inspiring showcases. This issue has six worldbuilding articles written by different people featuring discussions on worldbuilding with revolutions. Additionally, it also has four new short stories that continue Emory Glass’ series Thirty-Three Tales of War!

And of course, it also has several interviews related to the issue’s topics! Dael Kingsmill is an experienced Dungeon Master and YouTube creator. In this interview she explains her DMing and worldbuilding process, which she describes as vague and evocative. Then, Zaire Lanier, the creator of the wildly successful fantasy horror comic The Bone Herder, introduces her immersive Afropunk world. The third interview is with Alie Hoff, a freelance artist who discusses how they use their art to guide their worldbuilding.

Finally, there’s a whole section dedicated to the Call of Cartography winners! Check out these great worlds by Pouaseuille and Stormbril!

Well, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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