We know that some of you LOVE the thrill of competitions, the scoreboard, the spur of the challenge, the frisson of excitement! And others – well, you’d rather participate for the sheer joy of worldbuilding. That’s the focus of Competitor Mode, our newest World Anvil feature, which lets you choose how you’d rather engage with our events.

What is Competitor Mode on World Anvil?

World Anvil’s opt-in Competitor Mode allows you to opt-in to compete in events, rather than just participate.

If you have Competitor Mode enabled:

  • you will be eligible to win competitions
  • your name will appear on competitive rankings pages for competitions
  • you will be judged for any competitive prizes (including special categories etc)

If you DON’T have Competitor Mode enabled:

  • you can still participate in all events and receive a participation badge
  • your name will not be added to competitive ranking pages for competitions
  • you will not be eligible for any prizes (excluding random completion prize draws)

How do I enable Competitor Mode?

Competitor mode is disabled by default. You can enable competitor mode by following the link and clicking the “Competitor Mode” panel to activate. You can toggle this on or off via the Features interface on World Anvil.

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Where can you find World Anvil’s Competitions and Challenges?

World Anvil’s worldbuilding competitions have their own home on the website – you can also find them by clicking “Discover” on the header of the website. We also advertise our challenges in our social spaces, especially Discord and our Facebook Group. These are both great places to find inspiration and advice for our events, too.

And if you want to check out some great winners of past challenges, here are our roundups for Adventure April and Summer Camp!