If you’re looking for free one-shots for your RPG games (such as D&D), you’ve come to the right place! During Adventure April, our community came together once again to face the challenge of writing an adventure in a month—and this is the result! These are our favorite adventures and TTRPG or DnD one-shots written by our community.

Free DnD 5e One-Shots

Divine Golem Expedition, by KefkejacoDivine Golem, a free DnD one-shot

In the Divine Golem Expedition, the party is tasked by a rich benefactor to delve into the Silver Forest to find the Divine Golem, an ancient magical construct that is rumored to be there. It’s a very atmospheric adventure with an aura of mystery all through out it, which includes several locations, combat and environmental encounters, and a map. Check out the Divine Golem Expedition!

Huk, You Scoundrel, by Dazzlinkat

Huk, you scoundrel, a one-shot by Dazzlinkat

In this 3rd-level adventure, you play as a pirate crew! Sail the high seas, live your pirate fantasy, and hunt down your rival pirate crew—it even includes three gambling games for even more pirate immersion! The adventure includes six pre-made characters, multiple optional events to spice up the journey through the ocean, and all the statblocks you’ll need. Check out Huk, You Scoundrel!

Massacre on the Moonleaf Express, by Kitoypoy

Massacre on the Moonleaf Express, a free 5e one-shot

If you like airships, you’ll love this one! It’s a murder mystery designed for 3rd-level players that takes place in a skyship. The party will have to investigate a crime scene, find who committed the murder, and confront them in the end. It includes information about all NPCs and six pre-made characters to choose from! Check out Massacre on the Moonleaf Express!

Between Dark Water and Glimmering Gold, by Monzoobo

dark water glimmering gold dnd one-shots

The party has been tasked to pick up a shipment, but a mysterious affliction has struck the crew of the ship! The players will have to get to the bottom of this mystery and ensure the safe delivery of the shipment, all while navigating the political intrigue of Roðtull’heill, the capital city. This mix of mystery, conflict and diplomacy set it apart from a lot of other DnD one-shots, and it includes multiple encounters, hand-outs for the players, and an immersive setting for the game. Check out Between Dark Water and Glimmering Gold!

Witch in the woods, by Tanai

Witch in the woods, a DnD one-shot by Tanai

A witch and her minions are terrorizing a nearby village! In this 8th-level adventure, the party will have to deal with the witch (and potentially other threats) through combat encounters, a maze, and social encounters. Check out Witch in the woods!

Murder in Kha’r, by devinsxdesigns

Murder in Kha'r is a DnD one-shot by devinsxdesigns

This is a low-combat murder mystery adventure (one of our favorite kinds of DnD one-shots) that focuses on investigation, story, and problem-solving. Still, you’ll find a ton of maps that you can use to describe or visualize the scenes better, as well as pre-made characters and detailed scene descriptions. Check out Murder in Kha’r!

Free one-shots and adventures for other systems

Operation: Sacred Steel, by BCGR_Wurth (BCGR System)

Operation sacred steel, by BCGR Wurth

This adventure will take the party deep into a mine in search of a valuable material. If you’re up for some exploration in a deeply immersive one-shot (with tons of lore to explore if you want!), give this one a try. Check out Operation: Sacred Steel!

High Stakes Wedding, by Michael Chandra (Shadowrun)

High stakes wedding by Michael Chandra

Someone’s gone missing, and the party is tasked to recover them. The adventure will take the players into a thrilling investigation to the streets involving magic and vampires! The adventure page is quick to process and includes pre-made characters, so it’s perfect for a last-minute one-shot prep. Check out High Stakes Wedding!

System-agnostic one-shots

Park Ranger Rescue, by Emily Armstrong

Park Ranger Rescue: a system-agnostic one-shot

The players are Beckett Park rangers working the night shift, and their job is fending off the sinister dark forces that threaten the park at night. The ranger station, a building without locked doors nor windows, is their only shelter—and the goal is to survive five nights. In this one-shot, you’ll find maps, reference art, and even radio transmissions you can play at the start of every night! Check out Park Ranger Rescue!

Top Shelf, by Usurperkings

Top Shelf, a one-shot by Usurperkings - dnd one-shots collection

This one-shot focuses on role-playing and creative problem solving. The party is in a renowned pub and all the staff seems to be distracted—now’s the perfect opportunity to steal from the top shelf! The one-shot includes pre-made characters (including a unicorn!), a ton of reference art to set the mood, and three different play modes to choose from depending on what you and your players prefer. Check out Top Shelf!

The Fungeon, by Heffé

The Fungeon, a one-shot by Heffé - dnd one-shots collection

The part is a group of entertainers, and their quest is to put up the greatest show ever seen! It’s a light-hearted low-stakes game, which is perfect if you want to take a break from more serious campaigns—or if that’s just how your group rolls! You’ll find tips to convert the one-shot to any other systems, as well as character and company creation instructions. Check out the Fungeon!

Puzzles on the Road, by WordiGirl

Puzzles on the Road, by WordiGirl - dnd one-shots collection

In this puzzle-focused one-shot, your players are a group of interns on a test roadtrip. To make it till the end, they’ll have to solve the puzzles—or face dire consequences. Check out Puzzles on the Road!

Solo adventures and Choose Your Own Path adventures

Safehouse, by Mirescosmo

Safehouse, a Choose Your Path adventure by mirescosmo

You find yourself tied to a chair—your goal is to escape! This is an adventure in the style of a virtual escape room, with beautifully immersive interactive maps that you can use to unlock secrets and advance the plot. Check out Safehouse!

Survive the Solstice, by Moonlight Bard

Survive the solstice, by Moonlight Bard

You play as a recent graduate who’s been recommended for a prestigious apprenticeship. During your journey you’ll find rivals and enemies from the academy as you follow the clues to a hidden source of power that you found in your great-grandfather’s journal. Check out Survive the Solstice!

What’s your favorite one-shot from the list? And if you want even more TTRPG and DnD one-shots, take a look at the 2022 and 2021 lists!