The spooky season is here! Boo! 👻 Here’s a quick overview of what’s been going on in September and what’s coming in October.

⚙️ New and upgraded features

Here’s what’s new this month in the dev space!

🗓️ Upcoming and ongoing events

Stand by for our October events!

  • 🎃 Spooktober: Spooktober is back this year! Until the 28th, answer the one-word spooky-themed prompts with any art form you want. Worldbuilding, poetry, illustrations, music… anything goes! Check out the details.
  • ✨ Community Day: every third Saturday of the month (this month it’s the 21st) is World Anvil Community Day! You can expect…
    • 🙌 Chapter Chat (6pm UK/10am Pacific): Catoblepon and Line, leaders of the Cookie Cottage and Seven Tomes chapters, will join us on stream to talk about collaborative projects!
    • 🎓 Sage Seminar (5pm UK/9am Pacific): In this month’s Sage Seminar, Laura VAB will tell us all about how to show books & novels at a con! It will take place on the third Saturday of the month, October 21st at the usual time. Find the link in the Professional Portal.
    • ☕ Inner Sanctum Coffee: If you’re a member of the Inner Sanctum, expect details about the Coffee soon.

Here’s the event schedule for the next three months:

October event calendar

🙌 Chapter round-up!

Chapters are little sub-communities that live on our Discord server. They’re great if you’re looking for smaller communities focused on your specific interests, like a genre or art form! We talked to the leaders of a couple of chapters—check it out!

🌟 Community highlight

What if most of humanity went extinct? This is what the Extinction Event by Emily Armstrong is all about: the day it happened and how Beckettville survived. Written with a highly immersive in-world voice, you’ll feel like you’re reading an actual report from the city! It won the Worldbuilding Awards in the Myths & Legends category, so go check it out!

The Extinction Event, by Emily Armstrong

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