This week on World Anvil, we’ll be looking at how to create water features in maps, interviewing the John Joseph Adams from Kobold Press for the Rivers and Waterways competition, answering community questions in our community AMA, and doing writing sprints to help you with the competition! Come by our blog, stages, and livestream events to grab inspiration for your worlds!

Summer Camp 2022 Meet-Ups and Live Picnics

We have about three weeks until the start of Summer Camp Picnics! For this Summer Camp 2022, Dimitris and Janet are coming to meet their amazing community ❤. Do you live in or close by to Copenhagen, Denmark? London, UK? How about New York City, Miami, or Washington DC in the US? Click on your location to join us for picnics and world building games by grabbing your Summer Camp 2022 ticket. You can also find out more by going to our “Summer Camp Meet Ups for 2022″ blog post! (Tickets are free but limited!)

Summer Camp Meet-Ups and Picnic Dates for 2022

Join Educational Live Events this Week

Get involved in the World Anvil Community this week (9th May – 15th May) for one-shot advice for our upcoming challenge, live community support, and inspirational world building tips.

2nd Week of May's Calendar of Community Events

Getting Your Feet Wet with Cartography (Discord Community Stage)

This Thursday, we are taking the plunge into creating maps with unique and interesting water features and locales. Join us on World Anvil Discord Stage for insights into how you can make waves with bodies of water on your maps!

  • Topic: Get Your Feet Wet with Cartography
  • When: Thursday 12th May at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Discord (World Anvil Radio)

Kobold Press Interview Livestream (Interview Livestream)

John Joseph Adams from Kobold Press is coming to World Anvil’s Twitch. Editor, game designer, and publisher – Janet will be picking his brain for the Rivers and Waterways competition! For any of you feeling like you’ve been coasting it for this challenge, join us for John Joseph Adams’s insights and your a chance to ask him your questions!

  • Topic: Interview Livestream
  • When: Friday 13th May at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

Community Livestream (Community Livestream)

This Saturday, is our Community Livestream. We will have minor development updates plus your World Anvil questions answered. Yes, you can tune in to Ask us Anything, learn what’s happening, and take part in the livestream raffles, too! We will also have wonderful water puns to tide us over.

  • Topic: Community Livestream
  • When: Saturday 14th May at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

Rivers and Waterways Writing Sprint-Along! (Community Livestream)

Jump into the Rivers and Waterways competition with me as we word sprint together. Check out our discussion on our Question of the Week channel on the World Anvil Discord just dripping with creative inspiration as we build up toward Sunday’s writing sprint on the World Anvil Twitch Channel!

  • Topic: Competition Writing Sprint-Along
  • When: Sunday 15th May at 11:00AM PT / 7:00PM UK
  • Where: World Anvil Twitch channel

Look Ahead for Educational Live Events next Week

Want to know what we’re doing next week (16th May – 22nd May)? Read on to find out how you can get involved in these community events.

3rd Week of May's Calendar of Community Events

Get involved with World Anvil’s Community Competitions & Challenges!

As always, competitions and challenges are an amazing way to motivate yourself, and a great reason to share your world building with the community and the wider world. And, with community feedback, we have changed the way we are doing them! You can read more about them in our blog post for new judging process! 

  • You still have time to join the Rivers and Waterways Competition and win prizes just for participating 😉! For this challenge we’re asking you, what are important waterways in your world? Water is world building gold as it shapes not only the surrounding land but also the civilization that depends upon it. Use the geography template and publish your article to enter and create any kind of waterway your heart desires!

Community Stream Raffle

This week, we raffled off an ABSOLUTELY LOVELY Mini from Eldritch Foundry STL on our Community Livestream! Tune into the livestreams for a chance to win amazing prizes every week!


That’s all for this week, lovely beans! See you next week for the recap, and until then – grab your hammer, and go worldbuild!

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