A quest board is an amazing way to present plot hooks to your players! It’s visual, easy to understand, and, like all handouts, add to the immersion of the game. So, can you create a quest board on World Anvil? Yes, you can! Let’s look at the steps you need to follow.

How to create a quest board on World Anvil?

This is what quest boards can look like on World Anvil!

Image of Tavern & Quest Board for your D&D Campaign

Now that’s a fancy quest board, and you can make one too!

To create a quest board like this one, we’ll use the whiteboards feature. Follow these steps!

  1. Gather the materials you need and upload them to World Anvil. For an immersive look, make sure you have a background image (for example, wooden boards), images with blank pieces of parchment, wanted posters, and any other element you might find on a quest board.
  2. Create a new whiteboard (or load it up if you’ve already created it). If it’s for your players only, don’t forget to set it to private and change the subscriber group to the players of your campaign. You can also keep it completely private for now and share it once you finish it.
  3. Select a background for the quest board! In the top left corner menu, open the “Edit” options and choose “Change Background”. Then, look up the background image you uploaded in step 1 and select it.
  4. Add stuff to the board. Add the parchment graphics and wanted posters, and then use the text tool to add the quests you want your players to see. Don’t forget to overlap them so it feels more authentic!
  5. Use the green plus button at the bottom to embed articles and maps on the board. For example, you could add a character article the wanted poster. This way, your players will click on them and read more about their targets or about the locations they’ll travel to.
  6. That’s it! Take a step back, admire your handiwork, and do any changes you feel are needed!
  7. Don’t forget to embed it into an article for your players to see!

If you don’t know where to find graphics, try free stock image websites like Unsplash and Pexels! Check out our blog post on how to find free images for your world too.

Beyond the quest board: other kinds of board!

Conspiracy boards

Not sure what “conspiracy board” means? I’ll let the meme do the talking:

Conspiracy board

As a GM, this can be a great way to display a complex plot with tons of moving pieces, like characters, factions, and interconnected events. But players can use it too! For example, they could use it to represent what they think is going on in the game. The perfect complement for their session journal!

To create a conspiracy board, use the same steps as for a quest board, but make sure to use the line tool as much as you can! Red arrows and lines will get you that chaotic (but organized, in your mind) look.

conspiracy board using whiteboards on world anvil

That’s how a simple conspiracy board could look on World Anvil!

Town notice board

This one’s just a variant of the quest board. Instead of having specific quests, missions, and wanted people posters, it just has information about the town. But you’ll want to make sure it’s still full of plot hooks and things your players can do! It will just be a bit more subtle than a quest board.

Follow the same steps, but instead of focusing on NPCs and maps, write about useful places in town (like the library or the tavern) and events (like public holidays or festivals). The goal is to make a board that could be useful to anyone in town.

Ready to start your quest board for your own game? Create an account to use our campaign manager and get started with whiteboards!

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