We’ve been on a rampage of Patreon ideas – and today, we’re talking Patreon ideas for Writers! In this third and final post of this series full of Patreon ideas, we’ll talk about how writers and authors can deliver amazing, engaging material to your supporters and superfans! Because one of the great things about World Anvil is its versatility —no matter why you are worldbuilding, it’s an amazing platform for you. So let’s unpack it!

Patreon idea for writers: extended lore

It’s a good idea to have the basics of your world free for everyone. This way, you can hook your audience and give them an itch for more content! And this is where the extended lore comes in. Maybe you have an article about an innocent-looking organization of your world that later in the book is revealed to be a criminal group. Well, you can add a hidden section, only visible to your supporters, that explains the ins and outs of this group!

Screenshot of one of Sable Aradia's Patreon ranks

You can use Diane’s Patreon page as inspiration!

And you can also use this idea for more innocent content. For example, your story might take place in a certain city, but maybe there’s a character that is from another small town. Just like we did with the criminal group, make the article about this town exclusive to supporters! This will work especially well if the character is a fan-favorite.

Serialize your writing!

A great way to keep your patrons engaged is periodical content, which can be achieved with serialized writing. For example, Diane Morrison, known as Sable Aradia in the World Anvil community, is a writer that uses World Anvil and Patreon as a platform to support her books. She publishes about three chapters per month on her Patreon, and her fans and supporters keep growing every month!

Give extra content to your supporters

You finished your story and wrote the epilogue —and your supporters loved it! Now’s the time to write a little bit of extra content for them. You can create a spin-off, the backstory of characters, or a compilation of deleted scenes. Your supporters will love this exclusive content! The prose template, with its dark mode and easy reading features, is great for this purpose. Write the scenes in a prose article, set it to private, and give access to the subscriber group for your patrons. (Learn more in this blog post!) The sky’s the limit with extra content like this! And every story and fandom will offer different opportunities for ways to engage your Patreon community of supporters and superfans.

Wanted Hero's world advertisement for the books

You can advertise your Patreon like Jaime does with his books!

You can also produce behind-the-scenes content about your writing process and day-to-day (such as monthly updates) or even “audiobook” versions of your stories read by yourself. Jaime Buckley, Amazon best-selling author of the Wanted Hero series, creates special content for subscribers, such as exclusive stories and interviews, audiobook versions, and HD art.

I need more Patreon ideas for writers!

We talked about extended lore and extra scenes, but there are absolutely more ways to integrate your Patreon with World Anvil. If you need more ideas, come join our Discord server! You’ll find tons of useful tips and ideas for your project —and the community is awesome!

If you are not a writer, check our post with ideas for RPG creators and the introductory post to help you set up your world!

Are you a writer? How are you using Patreon? Let me know in the comments!