The charming mascot of World Anvil is WAnvil-Chan, full name Winry Anne. She was created by the community in July 2018 and adopted officially, and now she has a whole host of portrayals that are always growing. Winry is often accompanied by her pet Udan Spark, best known for getting into the wires of our servers and causing trouble.

No WAnvil-chan blog can go without credit to SecondhandSamurai, who has commissioned many of these wonderful pieces himself.

In this spectacular black and white piece by ArtofBlake, WAnvil-Chan got adopted as as Valaya the Dwarf in the world of OmenShard.

The first concept art of WAnvil-Chan was created by WA Discord Moderator ChaosTearKitsune, who you can check out on Instagram @chaostearkitsune. In these concepts she’s a hammer wielding world forger, with scars from past forgings, and a kickass eyepatch.

One of the earlier full portraits of WAnvil-Chan was created by Lludolphij, adding Winry’s now trademark apron and a tiny adorable globe hot from the forge.

Some more early concept art of WAnvil-Chan was drawn by PatheticBarrel and Jirika during the first brainstorming session for her forging. Winry Anne was named by WA Moderator Hanhula at the same time.

For Inktober Day #25, WAnvil-chan got to celebrate World Anvil’s first birthday with some cake, and Spark got a slice, much to everyone’s regret when the sugar high kicked in

This piece was drawn by @10TenArt. Even in the realm of chibis, WAnvil-chan can still wield her gigantic golden forging hammer. It’s said sometimes the discord moderators borrow it.

WAnvil-chan’s rapscallion companion Spark the Udan is well known for unplugging the wires around WA HQ! If you see this logo, know the team is trying to placate him with bribes of candy.

Right now he’s happy munching on sushi, so grab your hammer and go worldbuild!


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Ten Ten on instagram @10tenart and twitter @10tenart

Blake E. Davis on instagram @artofblake and twitch artofblake

Terry-Lynn on instagram @chaostearkitsune

Eoin Lothran on twitter @inkingarcana and instagram @inkingarcana