It’s the best time of the year! WorldEmber! Let’s take a look at last month’s developments and what’s coming this month!

βš™οΈ Improved search system

When searching in your world, search results are now more accurate to your search keywords. This has been implemented in the mention system drop-down too, so linking to other articles should be easier now!

πŸ—“οΈ WorldEmber is here!

Stand by for our December events!

  • πŸ”₯Β WorldEmber: you have until the end of the month to write 10,000 words of original worldbuilding! Check out the challenge page.
  • 🎁 Advent Calendar: this month, we’re bringing to you 23 of our favorite pieces from the community. Check it out every day for new doses of inspiration to up your World Anvil skills and read amazing worldbuilding, stories, and RPG adventures!
  • ✨ Community Day: every third Saturday of the month (this month it’s the 16th) is World Anvil Community Day! You can expect…
    • πŸŽ„ Community Christmas Party (6pm UK/10am Pacific): Feeling Christmassy yet? Join the stream to share the Christmas spirit together!
    • πŸŽ“ Sage Seminar (5pm UK/9am Pacific): In this month’s Sage Seminar, Brian Colin from Creature Curation will tell us all about bringing your RPG to a Con! Find the link in the Professional Portal.
    • β˜•Β Inner Sanctum Coffee: if you’re a member of the Inner Sanctum, keep your eyes peeled for this month’s Coffee details on Discord!

🌟 Community highlight

Food is magic and magic is food! Culinaria is a light-hearted and fun RPG setting full of culinary conflict and sweet characters (literally!). From gummy golems to cotton candy dwarves, this world is filled with wondrous and tasty worldbuilding. It won the Worldbuilding Awards in the Best New World category, so go check it out!Culinarypunk homepage

πŸ”₯ WorldEmber merch is also here!

We’ve got new merch to celebrate WorldEmber! Get it in our store.

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