Looking for a small and tight-knit community of fellow Anvilites? That’s what chapters are for! Today we’re taking a look at what they are, and introducing two of them.

What are chapters?

Chapters are little sub-communities focused on specific topics in our Discord community. They all have under 42 members and their own private corner of the community, so they’re a great way to join the World Anvil community without feeling overwhelmed. Some organize their own internal activities, while others are just a place to talk about a specific topic. Today, we’re introducing two chapters to you! Who knows, you might find a perfect match for you!

Seven TomesSeven Tomes badge

Led by Strixxline, this is the fantasy chapter, focused on all sorts of worldbuilding! It’s a very supportive chapter: the Tomies (that’s what they call themselves) share their work and support each other with feedback and encouragement! As Strixxline puts it:

We provide each other ideas when we have them, moral support when motivation is running low, and cheers whenever goals are met!

Current projects

Seven Tomes has a public world on World Anvil where you can see what they’re currently up to. But it’s even cooler than that: they will turn it into a collection of entries archived by the keepers of a gigantic interdimensional library, slowly filling with examples of the wonders found throughout the different worlds scattered throughout World Anvil! The plan is to use this to spotlight the work of chapter members and members of the wider community as well while giving them a collaborative world to slowly build as a group.

They have started this community project with personal profiles for each member. Check strixxline’s profile for an example or browse the category to see the rest!

Chapter Showcase!

Having a supportive community is one of the best ways to become a master at your craft, and chapters are living proof of that! Don’t believe me? Take a look at this showcase of amazing articles by chapter members, chosen by Strixxline:

  • Tha Rowund Bredd (by TheDumbOwl): The concept of orcs baking bread was what introduced me to TheDumbOwl’s world, which was a delight on its own, but now it’s a winning Summer Camp article! I wanted to take the opportunity to show the way Owl subverts fantasy tropes and regularly produces content that can range from quite serious to rather absurd, all in the best ways.
  • Growing Unrest in Central Tilth (by Moonlight Bard): Haly did an awesome job developing Central Tilth over the course of Summer Camp, even being named a winner for one of the prompts! This article dives into the conflict at hand beautifully, and presents a fantastic revolution mascot, with a great slogan! “Eat the rich! Devour the truth!”
  • Bubatus (by Johe): Johe’s work is a great example of why it’s rewarding to take the extra time to translate articles written in other languages! This is such a cool species, and that’s not just my bias towards owls speaking. Plus—what a terrifying soundbite for a creature! Making something like that for an article is another level of commitment!
  • Summer Camp 2023 Reading and Future Goals (by Ninodonlord): Nino deserves his own spotlight for bringing so much life to the Tomie party during July. This eagerness to show not just the chapter lots of love, but the rest of the community too, is the spirit of our little circle!
  • Speakers (by RueMarr): The writing hasn’t stopped with Summer Camp! Rue is one of the newest members of the Tomes and it’s been great to already see the evolution of their world’s CSS and content! Their articles are long and packed with great worldbuilding, and Pretheya is a world I can’t wait to see grow with time.

Want to join?

If you do, good news—the Seven Tomes is currently open to new members!

As we are a fantasy-based chapter, we’re a home for lovers and creators of the fantasy genre—more than that, we seek worldbuilders who want to engage with a tight community of fantasy nerds (that’s us!) and work together to make wonderful new things.

Those who would benefit most from joining Seven Tomes are worldbuilders who seek a social group to be active in, that shares their passion for fantasy worldbuilding.

You can learn more about the chapter here and DM @line on Discord to join!

The Cookie Cottage

Rather than focusing on a specific genre, the Cookies are focused on supporting and hyping each other up! Led by Catoblepon, the chapter is regularly active with all sorts of activities, ideas, and awesome creative support and encouragement. Plus, they have the tastiest member list too.

Current projects

The Cookie Campfire is a regular activity organized by chapter member Owen that’s all about bringing the cookies together! The exact purpose of the Campfire changes every time, and it can be anything that chapter members want to work together on. For example, in the past, they’ve done collaborative brainstorming for worldbuilding or even to create new chapter activities. During challenges, especially in bigger challenges like Summer Camp, the cookies come together with their own activities related to the event! In the last Summer Camp, they had their own homework activities, as well as their own challenge page!

Catoblepon, the chapter leader, is also looking into organizing events with other chapters! So even if you’re a member of a different chapter you might start hearing about the cookies!

Cookie showcase!

The Cookie Cottage is well-known for its good vibes and hype, but all chapter members are amazing worldbuilders too! Here are five articles created by chapter members selected by Catoblepon:

  • Battle of the Salic Heights (by Darkseid): Dark writes amazing conflicts, filled with information and decorated with images and quotes. The way the articles are structured makes it an easy article to read, and the prose in the middle of the article only makes it more pleasant. Another impressive part of this article is how the world has no CSS and everything is simple BBCode!
  • Earth (by Ondo): The article is about an alternate history of Earth and it shows how much Ondo has researched history. It is a nice read with pretty icons (and fun interactive CSS). It also shows a great use of subscriber groups! By taking the subscriber group on top of the article, you get to read the article in another language!
  • Dread Romantic (by Dylonishere123): The first thing you see is how much the article is different from common articles in World Anvil! It has a book feeling rather than an article feeling—Dylon is great at mixing prose and lore. The articles in Dylon’s world of Dread Romantic follow a story so each article is a continuation of the previous one (This article in particular is in the middle of the story told so far!).
  • Kingdom of Enliten (by Dhelian): Do you like fun quotes and a lot of STATS? Dhelian likes to start each section in articles with fun quotes that give a lot of life to his world. He adds a lot of details to the article (many of which I don’t ever remember to add!), including stats on the country’s army numbers!
  • Merfolk (by Serukis): Emy’s articles are always filled to the brim with information in a neat structure. Thanks to both the structure and the narrative, these articles feel very formal, almost like I’m reading them on Wikipedia. The Mythology section in the article is a very nice addition that gives a lot more information about the species.

Want to join?

Interested in becoming (or eating) a cookie? The chapter is open to members who are looking for a place to find and give support, encouragement, and hype. It doesn’t matter what kind of world you’re working on! If you want to join, DM @catoblepon on Discord!

I want to know more about chapters!

These are only two of the nine chapters we have at the time of writing! To see all of them, head to our Discord community and look for the #info-chapters channel. Interested in creating a chapter? Check the Chapter Charter to see what goes into it!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a chapter and find a tightly-knit community of like-minded Anvilites to hype you up!