Paths of Savage Gods is an amazing tool for pen and paper RPGs that procedurally generates everything you need for your adventures! It’s coming to Kickstarter very soon and I’m so excited about it!

What’s Paths of Savage Gods?

Paths of Savage Gods is an up-and-coming tool designed for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. It’s being developed by, a young German game development startup with seven people dedicated to this project! Their goal is to shorten the time Dungeon Masters spend preparing a campaign —and I’m all in for that!

What sets this project apart from others, you ask? Well, Paths of Savage Gods will be like a massive virtual tabletop board, with a map that is procedurally generated. And not only that, it’ll have the ability to procedurally generate pretty much everything else you need for a campaign! That is, adventures, encounters, quests and storylines, items, lore… EVERYTHING! And, of course, you, as the Dungeon Master, can edit all of these too.

Interface concept for Paths of Savage Gods

Doesn’t it look like a videogame? I love it!

As you can see, it uses full-color pixel art for both the map and the tokens, which helps a ton with immersion! And it’s so pretty! Oh, and guess what, it’ll have integration with World Anvil too. Stay tuned for the details!

When can I get my hands on it?

Well, the project is not out yet —in fact, they’ve set up a Kickstarter to make it with your support! It’ll launch on the 16th of February, with the goal of releasing the first version of this project at the end of this year. In the meantime, you can follow them and join their Discord community to chat with them and be on top of all the news!

So, how HYPED are you for this? Go check out their Kickstarter page and follow their social media for updates!