We are very happy to announce that our friends in the World Building Magazine have an exciting new addition to their magazine.

Architecture is the word and in this issue they are featuring three new worldbuilding articles with discussions on worldbuilding with architecture. plus, five new short stories to demonstrate worldbuilding in action!

Also some extremely interesting interview with  Chris Lockey, co-author of Critical Role’s Explorers of Wildemount, a setting guide created in collaboration with Wizards of the Coas and Vbwyrde, and his tabletop setting Elthos.

And of course last but not least this issue is featuring the work from our first contest winners from our last completion here in World Anvil!

Finally the second season of Worldcasting—the worldbuilding podcast! is currently airing,In this season features guests such as Benjamin Cook (Tale Foundry) and Tim Hickson (Hello Future Me), with discussions on magical ecologies, heroes, villains, and much more! Look us up on your podcast app of choice!


It is Legendary!