Not sure on how to find free art for your worldbuilding? HAVE NO FEAR, TJ IS HERE WITH A BIG JUICY BLOG POST FULL OF RESOURCES!

In this massive list of resources I will be sharing my favourite websites for ready-to-use art along with some bonus tips & tricks on how you can use them in your worldbuilding on World Anvil.


 Free Stock Image Websites

Unsplash website screenshot


(Licence) – all CC0

For quick and easy to find worldbuilding imgaes, TJ has curated collections of images based on the World Anvil templates: View Collections

Pexels screenshot


(Licence) – all CC0

Pixabay screenshot


(Licence) – all CC0

pxhere screenshot


(Licence– all CC0

Wikimedia Commons screenshot

Wikimedia commons

(Licence) – double check individual image licences!

NASA Visible Earth screenshot

Nasa Visible Earth

(Licence – double check individual image licences


CC Search screenshot

CC Search

(Licence depends on search result filters)


 Public domain & historical images

These are my favourite places to dig through for historical images like fine art paintings, manuscripts, ancient relics, swords, treasures, and cultural items in daily life!

Artstor screenshot


(Check the image licence in the bottom right of the image’s page)


The British Library screenshot

The British Library

(all public domain)


Cleveland Museum of Art screenshot

Cleveland museum of art

(licence appears beneath each image, and in the sidebar of image pages)


Met Museum scrreenshot

Met museum

(licence appears beneath image on the image’s page)


Smithsonian screenshot

Smithsonian collections

(check the image licence shown on the image’s page)


nmaahc screenshot

National Museum of African American History & Culture

(check the image licence shown on the image’s page)


rawpixel screenshot

Rawpixel public domain

(All CC0 in this section)


public domain review screenshot

Public domain review

A great source of inspiration that may lead to other websites for CC0 art


Sketchfab screenshot

Sketchfab cc0 collection

You can also embed 360º 3D models into your world on World Anvil using the [sketchfab:ID] BBCode tag and the end part of the Sketchfab url. For example, [sketchfab:57a57a99ce1f4e45adee5ae37a91f51b]. Read the codex article


Unsplash website screenshot

Historical images on Unsplash

Did you know that many museums and libraries are sharing CC0 content on Unsplash now as well? Here are the ones I’ve been keeping tabs on:

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