Valentine’s Day is almost here, so if you have a loved one who enjoys worldbuilding, writing, or playing DnD —you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at some awesome ideas to pick the perfect Valentine’s gifts for geeks in your life!

1. Tabletop Loot: shiny Valentine’s gifts for geeks!

these dice are a great valentine's gift

You sure these dice are not candy?

DICE! Need I say more? If you’re looking for a tabletop RPG present, polyhedral dice are the best —even if they already have tons! After all, there’s no such thing as too many shiny maths rocks, right? And the folks at Tabletop Loot are also amazing people too —they even have a dice donation program for schools! Truly wholesome, as Valentine’s Day should be!

Get some shiny loot here!

2. Hero Forge: gift the power of adventure!

If you’re looking for a TTRPG gift but think that you somehow have enough dice, here’s another option! Custom minis are an amazing gift, for any role-player, and Hero Forge are amazing at making them. Their character creator is as easy as a videogame, and has options for all standard fantasy species and more! You can get a digital gift card to let your loved one create their dream miniature.

Get a gift card here! (you’ll need a Hero Forge account)

3. World Anvil subscription: the gift of creativity!

Of course, what better gift for a worldbuilder than a membership to the ultimate worldbuilding platform? A subscription gives access to tons of extra features that make worldbuilding even easier! You can purchase a year-long gift subscription from our store for any of the three basic tiers (Journeyman, Master, and Grandmaster). And you’ll even get a fancy envelope with a badge! It’s the perfect valentine’s gift for geeks in your life – writers, DnD players and ideal for any creative mind!

Get a Guild Pass here!

4. Cute RPG plushies for a wholesome Valentine’s gift for geeks!

this beholder from creature curation is a perfecte valentine's gift!

Love is in the eye of this Beholder!

What’s better than a cute squishable beholder? These RPG plushes from Creature Curator are the perfect accessory for any roleplayer’s shelf! They currently have two beholders, and gelatinous cube, and an upcoming new plush for February!

Get some squishable cuties here!

5. On Writing and Worldbuilding by Tim Hickson

This one’s for the writers in the room! Tim Hickson, also known as HelloFutureMe, is a YouTuber with great content about worldbuilding and writing. And this book is a compilation of many of his videos —a must-read for any fantasy or sci-fi writer! Janet made a full review of the book, so go check it out if you’re not sure! (spoiler: it’s an amazing book!)

Get the book here!

6. Cantrip Candles: a fragrant Valentine’s gift for geeks!

Do you like the smell of a Library? Or maybe you prefer that of a Den of Thieves? Well, with Cantrip Candles, you can have these scents and many more! They’re a great atmospheric element for an RPG game, but can be used out of the game too! I mean, who wouldn’t want their house to smell like A Walk in the Woods?? You’ll have to be quick though —they sell out pretty quickly!

Get some candles here!

7. The Great GM’s guides are… great!

The Great GM has two books that are full of amazing advice for both new and experienced Game Masters! They’re The Complete Guide to Creating Epic Campaigns and The Complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns. And believe me, they’re incredible and so useful! You can get them in PDF only too, but the hardbacks are worth it!

Get the Great GM’s guides here!

8. Collaborative Worldbuilding by Trent Hergenrader

Collaborative Worldbuilding, by Trent Hergenrader, is one of the best books on worldbuilding out there. And it might be focused on collaborative worldbuilding, but the methods it outlines are so useful for any worldbuilder! And the author is a real worldbuilding university professor, so you know it’s good!

Get the book here!

9. DungeonFog subscription: maps for days!

Maps are an amazing resource for TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, and DungeonFog is the one-stop solution for battle maps! Sure, you can go hunting for maps on the internet, but DungeonFog lets anyone create their maps exactly how they want them. It’s an amazing gift for any Gamemaster —regardless of the specific RPG system they use!

Get a gift subscription from DungeonFog here!

10. Blood Grotto: a mini-setting for D&D!

Now, this might not sound like a cute and wholesome valentine’s gift, but it’s an amazing one anyway! Blood Grotto is a mini-setting for Dungeons and Dragons. It’s got 29 pages packed with lore, maps, and monsters for an original world! It was created by Caeora, an incredible fantasy cartographer, with help from Janet (yes, our Janet!) and many other amazing beans, so quality is ensured!

Get Blood Grotto in PDF format here!

So, which gift are you going to get? Did we miss anything? Let me know in the comments!