WorldEmber 2020 was our biggest challenge so far, and you all did amazing articles! So, we’re inviting you to the WorldEmber 2020 Awards ceremony, which will happen on the 6th of February at 11am Pacific time, 7pm UK time! What’s this all about, you ask? Keep reading!

What’s the WorldEmber 2020 Awards Ceremony?

WorldEmber is the ultimate worldbuilding challenge of the year. And, as we do every year, we like to celebrate your creativity and give some shiny prizes to the community! The Ceremony will be a stream, which will happen on our Twitch channel the 6th of February, at 19:00 UK—that’s 11:00 PT and 14:00 ET!

WorldEmber 2020 logo

That’s one more badge for your collection!

During the stream we’ll raffle off HUNDREDS of dollars worth of goodies from our amazing sponsors! They’re Kobold Press, TableTop Loot, and HeroForge —so you know what to expect! Amazing RPG manuals, shiny dice, and beautiful minis. And that’s on top of the prizes for the winners! Oh, and let me tell you, there’s a bunch of them! So many shiny things for everyone! Because there are also some virtual badges for everyone who participated!

On top of the winners for all categories (including the ones you voted for!) we’ll play the Voice of the People videos you sent us. They’re beautiful, and it was so amazing to hear your feedback! Thanks to you, the next WorldEmber will be even better!

Beautiful people!

I mean, you! As is a tradition for the award ceremonies, we’re celebrating our community and your beautiful faces! If you want to take part (and win a shiny badge!), keep an eye on the Discord server —we’ll open a #beautiful-people channel a couple of days before the event. The channel will have more details when it opens, but this year’s theme is Nuclear winter wonderland! And we want to see your amazing costumes, so start thinking about it if you want to take part!

Are you HYPED? Because I am! Remember to save the date:

6th of February 2021
11:00 PT • 14:00 ET • 19:00 UK
on Twitch (turn on notifications!)