Wondering how you can improve your writing? Well, reading, of course! And lucky you, we’ve got the perfect reading challenge for you this month! After Summer Camp, we encourage you to read what your fellow summer campers have written and learn from them.

The reading challenge: summer camp 2022

Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge badgeThis August, we challenge you to read 9 articles, give them some feedback, and then write about how they gave you ideas or taught you something new. This is your task:

  1. Choose 3 prompts. For each chosen prompt, choose 3 entries for a total of 9 entries. You can find entries by going to the Summer Camp page and clicking the “View Entries” button on your chosen prompts. You can also get amazing articles delivered directly to your notifications by following worlds!
  2. Read the articles you’ve chosen carefully and make sure to leave a comment on each of them (remember to be nice!).
  3. Create a generic article on your world for the reading challenge. There, list the 9 articles you chose and write a small paragraph for each of them about what you learned and how it inspired you. This is not about giving critique, but about reflecting on your own writing!
  4. At the end of the article, look to the future! What are your new goals? What will you work on next? Are you going to focus on expanding your Summer Camp entries or will you start writing something new?
  5. To claim your badge, share your generic article URL in the comments of this blog before the end of August. Make sure the article is public and published!


If you complete the challenge and submit your article before the end of August 2022, you’ll get the Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge badge in your World Anvil profile! And, of course, you’ll have a ton of new ideas and inspiration to pull from for your next projects. This badge is very shiny, but the true goal of the challenge is to become a better writer!

Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge instructions

Share your #shelfie!

Since we’re all reading this month, why not share a shelfie? No, not a selfie, but a picture of your epic bookshelves!

We’re celebrating the joys of reading by sharing our own bookshelves – whether they’re gaming books, novels, or anything else! To take part, share a picture of your favorite book hoard (you can be in the pic too if you want!) on social media with the #shelfie hashtag. We’ll be re-tweeting and sharing our favorites on our Twitter!

Shelfie for the Reading Challenge

That’s what I call a pretty shelfie! You can include books, games, movies, and anything else in your shelfie!

Well, what are you waiting for? Get reading and share your submissions in the comments! Can’t wait what you all have learned from each other!

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