On May 28th, our community came together to celebrate their creativity and enjoy a day of RPGs! There were seminars for Game Masters, live games, and an interview with Lawrence Schick, Elder Scrolls’ loremaster! If you missed it, don’t worry because you can still watch the Play May Day videos!

Check out 25+ free one-shots that were written during Adventure April!

What was Play May Day?

Play May Day was a one-day online event that followed up on the Adventure April, the challenge we ran the month before! In April we challenged you to write one-shots, and we were so impressed by your work that we had to celebrate it! So, during Play May Day, we invited members of our community to GM and play two one-shots on our Twitch channel. There were also two seminars (evocative writing for RPGs and encounter building) ran by experts from the community. And we even interviewed Lawrence Schick, the lore master for Elder Scrolls!

If you want to watch the recordings of the sessions, read on!

Interviews and seminars

Lawrence Schick was the loremaster for Elder Scroll, and he’s an expert game designer and worldbuilder! In this interview, Janet and Lawrence talk about worldbuilding and game design. Check it out on YouTube:

The two seminars were Evocative Writing for RPGs, by eccbooks, and Encounter Building, by George Sanders. Watch them on YouTube:

You can download George Sanders’ seminar homework from this link.

Live games in Play May Day

Lost in the Woods by Laurabones

In this fun one-shot, the players are a group of goblins who find themselves lost in a magical forest. They don’t know how they got there, but they know that before getting there, they needed to go somewhere else fast! You can read the one-shot on World Anvil or watch it on YouTube!

Where Is My Alligator? by Kitoypoy

Kuya Buwaya, a giant alligator, has disappeared! The players are charged with the task of investigating what happened and find Kuya. You can expect a lot of interaction between the PCs and the NPCs as they look for clues, but also epic combat! Read the one-shot on World Anvil or watch it on YouTube!

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